Lutsenko prepares party and doesn't advise to vote for "cool guy" from the TV

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"National self-defense" as the insurgent and protest, not really structured social movement is complete.

It in interview was declared by the leader of "National self-defense" Yury Lutsenko.

According to him, in February congress "Forward, Ukraine will gather! ", on which a number of organizational changes will be carried out.

"That is the full-fledged political force which will have the head, the secretaries will be created, restoration of the structured cells on places will begin. We pass to a stage of party construction and development of the own political program", - the leader of movement explained.

Lutsenko declared that he acts as the opponent of crushing of democrats through creation of the next parties.

"Therefore, despite our plans of rather own strengthening, we will increase further cooperation with all who professes the majority of our ideals. It is a question both about BYuT, and of healthy part "our Ukraine" and other forces with which it is possible to find a common language", - he told.

Lutsenko also told that doesn't want to do "projects in style of "the new Messiahs" only because someone often appears on the screen of TVs".

"It seems to me, people, at least normal people, have to draw conclusions. We have to choose as the president of the good person, it is necessary to choose the one who will be for the state the good head", - the leader of movement declared.

"And today, from my point of view, the answer lies in such plane: we have no right to elect the certain, cool, clever, nice guy or the girl. Have to elect the leader of team", - he added.

"As on me, it is the main lesson of presidency of Victor Yushchenko. Because it isn't enough at a position of the beautiful, moral, Ukrainian person. Therefore "National self-defense" will not only become stronger, but also to increase cooperation with colleagues to form the real powerful team", - Lutsenko declared.


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