Land lawlessness in the center of Nikolaev: the main person involved - the son of the mayor Chaika

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It seems that on 32-й sessions of the Nikolaev City Council the next land scandal inflames.

One of the questions submitted for session, - "About providing permission to land management designing concerning assignment of the land plots to legal entities and individuals in the Central district of Nikolaev" became an occasion to scandal.

The first the deputy Alexander Zholobetsky on this matter took the floor. In the very emotional performance Alexander Aleksandrovich reported that in the matter is 8 points concerning removal of the land plots under 9 garages in the historical center of Nikolaev.

Situation following: in 2007 the City Council allocated the earth under installation of 1 metal garage in the house yard on Nikolskaya St., 49. However soon instead of 1 iron garage there were 9 brick. Moreover, in a judicial order these constructions were legalized as economic constructions (the court obliged them to legalize), and at meeting of executive committee of city council to these constructions was decided to appropriate legal addresses. That is, on a place of garages buildings with the adjacent territory are soon formed. It is remarkable that it is a question of the center of Nikolaev - the yard located on a site Nikolskaya - Spasskaya - Soviet - Moscow. Among owners of these constructions names of such people as Inna Pelipas and Vladislav Chaika.

Alexander Zholobetsky sharply scarified adoption of such decisions and declared that deputies have no right to legalize these самозастрои. "It is the historical downtown, pay attention - nearby from there is a monument to Saint Nikolay, the patron of the city how we can put the general earth in private hands? Especially on one of sessions we made the decision that it can't be done categorically. ", - Alexander Zholobetsky addressed to the present. "And in additives to all this people want that with it allocated still the earth for service of these hozstroyeniye! ", - the deputy indignantly told.

On similar charges the mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika, which son is one of owners of ill-fated garages, reacted quietly: "I suggest to transfer decision-making on this matter. Yes, the surname of my son in this case appears, but it means nothing. If Alexander Zholobetsky considers wrong judgments, he can appeal in the highest authorities".But Vladimir Dmitriyevich didn't see at once that already passed all terms for the appeal or simply pretended that it isn't aware of the matter.

I supported the boss also vice-the mayor Yury Granaturov. He addressed to Alekandr Zholobetsky with the requirement to be correct.

"We so many time made similar decisions. What difference, whose surnames stand in these documents? Why if we give the earth to Ivanov or Sidorov - everything is all right, and here - it is impossible for Chaika? ", - Granaturov declared.

To relieve the tension, the deputy from BYuT Oleg Mudrak interfered with a situation and suggested to wait for a break to discuss it at meetings of fractions and after to make any decision.


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