The main thing – to deal with the deputy, and whether there is at people a water is not a question

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It isn't often possible to observe how deputies of the Nikolaev city council openly with each other sort out the relations. The question on the Cathérine market with which this session began became such.

At the first plenary session 32-й City Council sessions allowed to make on January 29 as the first to the head of KP "Nikolayevvodokanal" Vasily Telpis information on an emergency on Geroyev Stalingrad Ave., 15.

According to V. Telpis, on a conduit with a diameter of 150 mm leak, as a result was necessary to disconnect from water supply of 10 multi-storey buildings, kindergarten and school. And workers of a water utility as it - under a booth of one of businessmen on "Katharine's" rynochka, and this businessman doesn't allow to carry out work can't reach this leak.

On V. Telpis's these words there were other words - already the head of PR fraction Pyotr Zibrov who intrigued journalists with the message that actually the businessman doesn't interfere with work, but information moves thus as this businessman has a conflict to the deputy of city council. Pyotr Vasilyevich didn't call yesterday a surname of this businessman - at once after from a scene the commission with the deputy of the City Council Sergey Polyantsev who confirmed returned that the businessman doesn't interfere with work of vodokanalshchik, but leak obviously in other place, instead of under this booth.

Only at the second plenary session a surname of the deputy at whom the conflict to businessmen, it was called - Alexander Kuznetsov, the deputy from fraction "Civil block "Nikolaev for V. Chaika". According to P. Zibrov, Kuznetsov was guilty in the situation which have developed with water supply as the territory was taken away by it, the draft of land use planning documentation was agreed by him, but on its plan the conduit is absent. And on good it is necessary to renew the right of rent of this territory for the businessman - the natural person Tatyana Lysogor (at the same session A. Kuznetsov's colleagues were offered to approve technical documentation on land management on assignment of the land plot with a total area of 700 sq.m. under the Cathérine market, and then to transfer this land plot to the natural person - the businessman Tatyana Lysogor for service), however And.Kuznetsov in every possible way interferes with it, throwing courts claims.

In this difficult situation the additional turmoil was brought by performance from businessmen from the Cathérine market who, it seems, and not spoke out in defense of Kuznetsov, but were and against T.Lysogor. So and without remarks of the head of administration of the Central district Vladimir Ryzhik ("there not the market, and a gloom") and the mayor Vladimir Chaika ("there Shanghai in the worst sense of this word") it became clear that the question very much isn't simple. Therefore the decision to create the commission from deputies and specialists of management of architecture which has to gather for the first meeting on Wednesday, February 4 was made.

Certainly, to point to a place to the deputy of the City Council which thus dictates the conditions to businessmen from the Cathérine market, it is very important. But behind all disputes why - that forgot about people, and a question, and whether there is at inhabitants of these multi-storey buildings a water, in the second day so never rose.


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