To agitate nikolayevets there will arrive the leader IN "Freedom" O. Tyagnybok

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Soon the leader of the All-Ukrainian association "Freedom" Oleg Tyagnybok plans to arrive to the Nikolaev area with propaganda trips. The known Ukrainian politician reported about it to the author of this publication. He also told about a position IN "Freedom" concerning ethnic minorities which live in Ukraine:

- Our position on the international relations such is. We are respectful to representatives of all ethnic minorities living in Ukraine, what don't sneer at Ukrainians, know our language, culture, traditions, respect our customs. To such people - our respect.

As for Russian or any other language - the same position: "Freedom" not against someone or something, we it is simple for itself.

In nice Nikolayevshchina we only create our representations, - Tyagnybok reported.

Won't be superfluous to notice that on elections of the mayor of the capital on May 25, 2008 the leader IN "Freedom" Oleg Tyagnybok received 1,5 percent of votes of voters. And its party - more than 2 percent. From elections to elections Tyagnybok's party increases result, having increased it this time in Kiev (in comparison with last year's early elections in parliament) more, than by one and a half times. It is curious that Oleg Tyagnybok's "Freedom" collected more votes, than capital communists and socialists.

According to authoritative experts, in future parliament "Freedom" has to be with absolute probability.


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