Yushchenko: "The gang works, since the government"

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Alienation of the state property got today unprecedented scales, the president Victor Yushchenko declared.

He told about it at the meeting devoted to improvement of a state policy in the sphere of protection of the property rights, reports the UNIAN.

According to the president, today alienation of the state property happens with direct participation of public institutions.

Among the enterprises over which threat of alienation of the state property hung today, Yushchenko named the enterprises which are in management of the Ministry of industrial policy, in particular by "Turboat".

"The gang works, since the government, since the Ministry промполитики where control of the enterprises" is exercised, - the head of state told.

The president also paid attention of the acting as the head of the State property fund to need of counteraction to state property alienation, development of transparent rules of privatization of public industries.

"You the young man, I don't want that you were imprisoned, everything has to occur on the procedure, any policy", - Yushchenko emphasized.

He also paid attention to need of detailed preparation of the enterprises to privatization and didn't exclude that such preparation can take 1-2 years.

According to the president, only after a conclusion of the enterprise on satisfactory financially - an economic level it is possible to plan its privatization.


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