Yushchenko - Moscow: Ukraine anything won't pay because gas was blocked not by it

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The president Victor Yushchenko considers unfriendly the statement of the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev about that Ukraine has to to compensate damage to the countries which were injured from - for failure of supply of gas in January, 2009.

About it it is spoken in the statement of the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Raisa Bogatyreva.

"The president of Ukraine considers the inappropriate transparent and honest politician, a position of the Ukrainian party, the unfriendly statement of the president of Russia that supposedly the Ukrainian party bears "final legal responsibility for a problem" EU losses as a result of joint stock company actions "Gazprom", - is spoken in it.

According to Bogatyreva, Yushchenko declares that "Ukraine can't bear responsibility for JSC Gazprom actions on acceptance unilaterally the decision on a suspension of supply of natural gas in EU as Russian side signed the relevant contracts and assumed legal obligations with EU countries on implementation of agreements on providing with their natural gas".

"At the same time Ukraine honestly fulfilled all the obligations and itself incurred serious financially - economic losses from JSC Gazprom actions, - she emphasized.

Bogatyreva also noted that Ukraine leaves "an urgent need of improvement of forms of cooperation in this sphere on the principles of mutual benefit of trust, equality and respect between the parties".

"It is important to enter also the rigid moratorium on political management of process of negotiations on this problem which will actively proceed in Moscow, Kiev and Brussels. It is necessary to create joint efforts the transparent and fair gas market on the basis of economic, instead of political, environments", - she declared.

"Ukraine already provided to a guarantee and Russia and the European Union on implementation of the obligations for transit of the Russian natural gas on the basis of not political decisions, and existing contracts and contracts. Russia also has to provide such guarantees", - Bogatyreva added.

It is known that earlier Medvedev declared that Ukraine has to compensate damage to the countries which were injured from - for failure of supply of gas in January, 2009.


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