Nikolaev of CREWE summed up the work results in 2008: for 92% of objects violations

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On January 30, 2009 the board control - auditing management in the Nikolaev area took place, reports a press - service CREWE in the Nikolaev area.

In work of board at which the question "About Work Results Management for 2008 and Priority Tasks for 2009" was considered, took part the management of the regional device and chiefs control - auditing departments in regions of area and in Nikolaev.

The chairman of board - the head of department Aleksandra Krivda, summing up the results control - auditing work for last 2008, results of board of GLAVKRU, I noted that the staff of management in area provided appropriate level of performance of the centralized tasks on control of use of the state resources and means of local budgets and property.

During control actions in 2008 violations on 361 objects that makes more than 92% of quantity of the checked are revealed.

Total amount of the violations established in reporting year made close in 330 million UAH, of them losses of resources - nearly 130 million UAH, and from - for inefficient administrative actions - 38 million UAH

Volumes of the revealed illegal, inappropriate expenses and shortages exceed indicators last year by 4,4 times (116,9 million UAH against 26,7 million UAH).

Short-reception of resources reaches nearly 13 million UAH

As a result of the carried-out work on ensuring interests of the state it is compensated illegally spent resources of 68,3 million UAH or 59%; additional receipts in budgets of all levels are provided in the sum of 2,5 million UAH, other violations of financial discipline for the sum of 150 million UAH

are eliminated

Receipts of financial resources in the income of budgets, the enterprises and natural persons are provided for 53%.

At the same time, more than 44,9 million UAH of losses remained uncompensated, from them the budgetary resources - 19,3 million UAH. Over elimination of these violations management will continue work in 2009.

For the allowed violations of the norms provided by the Budgetary Code of Ukraine, in 25 cases budgetary appropriations are suspended, in 139 - operations with budgetary funds are stopped, to 38 managers the budgetary appointments/allocations for total amount of 305,9 thousand UAH are reduced.

Also in 2008 the state financial audits of implementation of budgets of Arbuzinsky, Vradiyevsky, New Odessa areas, Yuzhnoukrainsk, and also audit of implementation of the budget Ochakov are booked. The state financial audit of implementation of budgets of Nikolaev proceeds.

Aleksandra Vasilyevna noted that audit of GP "Nikolaev Oblavtodor" of JSC DAK "Highways of Ukraine" and its branches to which are established financial violations near 18 million UAH

is complete

In the report job evaluation as as a whole on management, and in a section of its structural divisions was exposed.

Aleksandra Krivda informed that the Chairman of GLAVKRU of Ukraine Nikolay Sivulsky declared 2009 "Year of control of local budgets". And the governor Alexey Garkusha already approved the plan of check of implementation of local budgets for this year.

The priority areas of work of bodies state control - auditing service this year is purposeful work on compensation of inappropriate and illegal expenses, ensuring receipts in the budget of payments, as revealed in this year, and for the previous periods. Near it control over the implementation of the anti-recessionary actions approved by the government will be exercised.

Measures for restriction of expenses according to government resolutions are taken and in DKRS bodies.

In completion of action of Alexander Krivd thanked colleagues for the laborious work which has been carried out in 2008 which the positive assessment is result from GLAVKRU.


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