Arrival of Faina in Kenyan port postponed until Thursday

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Released Faina will arrive to Kenyan port Mombasa later, than it was supposed, - not earlier than the first half of day of Thursday, February 12.

It is connected with some deterioration of conditions of swimming in a zone of stay of a vessel from - for influences of ocean currents, reported a press - the secretary of the president of Ukraine Irina Vannikova.

She noted that Faina continues movement in the direction of Mombasa accompanied by the American military ships from structure of the 5th fleet of Naval Forces of the USA, reports a press - service of the head of the Ukrainian state.

According to operational information which is received constantly by the president of Ukraine, the vessel passed already most part of a way.

"Seamen had a long-awaited opportunity daily to communicate with native that positively affected their emotional mood", - Vannikova told.

She reported that representatives of the Ukrainian party in interaction with Kenyan partners finish preparatory activities on vessel and crew reception in the port of destination.

Besides, from among skilled experts the replaceable crew of Faina which is ready to take off for certain time to Mombasa for vessel acceptance in operation and carrying out repair work is selected.

It is known that earlier it was expected that Faina will arrive to Mombasa port in the environment, on February 11.


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