Vitrenko promised that her vulgar allies will cry out so soon that communists обзавидуются

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And protest "anti-recessionary" actions of KPU - "bullshit", consider in PSPU.

In traditional to "five-minute of hatred" on Voice of Russia radio station "our Natasha" I scarified ability of communists to organize protest actions, in particular "Yushchenko - a suitcase, the station, America! ".

We quote itself - ru Vitrenko:

"I think that this action which will pass special result through the cities of Ukraine won't yield. Because as we noticed, communists build actions, contacting them is independent, without lifting thus the population. We want to correct a situation. For February 21 we prepare our actions in Donetsk, Sevastopol and Odessa. We set before ourselves the purpose to lift all people. These actions have to be mass, the area has to chant: "Yushchenko, Tymoshenko - a suitcase, the station, America", it has to be audible. I think that we will pass to such mass actions and they will yield result".


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