ChSZ will satisfy debts to the budget and the Pension fund - Novinsky signed the contract with FGIU

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Information concerning the conclusion of the additional agreement to the purchase contract - sales of the equity stake of GAHK "Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant".

On February 6, 2009 between Fund of the state property of Ukraine and JSC Kherson Shipbuilding Plant the additional agreement to the purchase contract - sales No. check point-423 of the equity stake of GAHK "Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant" was concluded of 07.10.03. Report "Sea business - news of Ukraine".

According to the agreement, the buyer assumed additional obligations of social and economic character, reports a press - service FGIU.

In particular, concerning repayment of debt of GAHK "Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant" before the budget and the Pension fund, increases in number of workers, allocations of additional investments, on modernization of capacities of the enterprise, ensuring allocation of appropriate funds for labor protection, etc.

This agreement is signed by results of long work concerning situation settlement on GAHK "Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant" initiated by the owner of a controlling stake, with support of the trade-union organizations and local authorities.

For study of noted initiatives the working group of representatives of Fund of the state property, responsible central and local authorities, and also the trade-union organizations was created.

By results of activity of this working group the draft of the additional agreement with observance of all requirements determined by the legislation was agreed, and the relevant additional agreement is signed in accordance with the established procedure.

Acceptances final decisions answers also to a position of the President of Ukraine sounded during stay in Nikolaev in the summer in 2008.

Modification of noted contract testified aspiration of FGIU in the conditions of crisis to provide effective social protection of employees of the privatized enterprises and development of their capacities by a way of search of compromises with buyers of the state property.

Reference:The state joint-stock holding company "Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant" - the largest enterprise of branch in Ukraine and one of the most powerful in Europe was founded in 1897.

The company has an extensive network iron and highways.

The company has 2 - мя inclined building berths (thus the building berth "About" is equipped with two gantry cranes of / п 900 tons everyone), in line - the position line of construction of medium-tonnage vessels on a horizontal building berth in a covered shed 400 m long, floating dock, 3 - мя fitting-out embankments and I am ready to admit orders for construction of tankers, bulk ships, vessels of supply, Ro-Ro, azimuthal tows with draft to 60 tons with escort functions for conducting of the DVT tankers more than 70000 tons in the uzostyakh and to ports. On in line - the position line the vessel construction of various types and appointment up to 120 m long and up to 16,5 m wide

is possible

The company has opportunities for repair of tankers, bulk ships and other types of vessel with docking of vessels with a dock weight up to 7000 tons and dyne to 130 m

Prime interests of the company include obtaining orders for production of sections, case blocks weighing up to 1300 t, cases of vessels.

90,25% of actions of the Black Sea shipbuilding plant own the Kherson shipbuilding plant.

ChSZ is included into ship-building holding of the Russian businessman Vadim Novinsky.


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