Yushchenko expelled Bogatyreva

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The president Yushchenko issued the decree about Raisa Bogatyreva's removal from a position of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council. "Observer" knew of it today from own sources on Bank.

Dismissal being the grandee - ladies of PR, according to our information, is connected with allegedly its unwillingness to participate in implementation of the power scenario. About its development of the joint venture under brand "fight against crisis", actually - fight against Tymoshenko, we in detail told earlier.

It is known that in the spring 2007-го Vitaly Gayduk left the National Security and Defense Council for the similar reasons - in view of refusal of performance of "the plan of Balogi", to give life to which it was planned by means of the resolution of the National Security and Defense Council which wasn't demanding approval of dismissed Rada. - about introduction of state of emergency, discharge from performance of official duties of a number of members of KMU of Yanukovych, meaning immediate excitement against them I put also a capture under guards.

Today supporters of the President, giving unofficial explanations, in turn, try to present it as if Bogatyreva didn't manage to act as the worthy opponent Tymoshenko, to play a role same, as Poroshenko in 2005 - m

At the moment, mobile by Bogatyreva it is disconnected - she is inaccessible to comments. Nevertheless, we try to contact it for situation clearing.

In Raisa Vasilyevna's environment recognize: the last some weeks the probability of dismissal was easily guessed on the atmosphere reigning in the joint venture. Moreover, earlier Bogatyreva allegedly itself asked the President about dismissal because they with Balogoy didn't work well together.

On the official site of the head of the state the decree while isn't published, however the draft document as it was succeeded to find out, prepared several days ago.


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