The hryvnia fell below all currencies in Europe

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The Ukrainian hryvnia headed a rating of the most depreciated currencies of Europe for the last half a year.

About it writes "Business".

From September, 2008 until the end of February 2009-го the Ukrainian hryvnia depreciated for 50%. It is unprecedentedly high rate for all Europe.

On the second place on currency devaluation in Europe - the Polish zloty who for half a year fell in price for 36,5%.

The Russian ruble fell by 31%.

Actually same falling is recorded in the Czech Republic and Romania which are members of EU, and in Belarus and Kazakhstan which enter the CIS.

Taking into account such tendencies world economists already called Eastern Europe epicenter of present financial crisis.

As a whole, the devaluation percent actually all East European currencies fluctuates in the range from 50% (the Ukrainian hryvnia) to 10% (Moldovan leu).

Thus, if to analyze the last three months (December 2008 - February 2009), leaders on depreciation became Belarusian ruble (I lost 22,4%), the Kazakhstani tenge (-20,3%) and Russian ruble (-15,5%).

The interbank rate of the Ukrainian hryvnia in relation to dollar during the winter gave for 11%. Whereas the Ukrainian currency endured a main blow even in the fall, having fallen in price for 39%.

Experts agree in opinion that mass devaluation of the East European currencies testifies to capital outflow from the region.

In their opinion, this tendency in 2009 will grow.

On the other hand, experts note that many states of the CIS purposefully devaluated the currency, trying to support export thus.


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