Yatsenyuk: the party is already created

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The deputy from the WELL block - NANOSECOND Arseniy Yatsenyuk declared that his party is already created.

He told about it on air of TV channel Inter.

Answering an appeal of the leader of the Uniform center Igor Kril to the fastest party creation of Yatsenyuk for the purpose of change of political elite, the former speaker of parliament told: "Igor, I will disappoint you - it is already created so I am ready to elections".

Also, making comments on possibility of holding early parliamentary elections, he noted: "At best in November early parliamentary elections will take place. Tell, and till November as to the country to live? ".

"If today to announce about early elections, the government in the same day leaves offices and will tell - everything, we there is nothing we don't bear responsibility. Same will make the majority. There is today a power - it bears responsibility", - Yatsenyuk emphasized.

"All the same elections will be, but it is impossible to give the chance today that the country remained without management in general", - he told.

According to Yatsenyuk parliamentary elections will take place together with the presidential.

Besides, the deputy declared that all branches of the power in the state have to work in limits of the competence.

"I entirely share a position of that all branches of the power have to work in limits of competence. The president has the parafiya, the parliament has the parafiya, at the government - the. The state has to work as the mechanism", - he noted.

"It is impossible to turn the state into cabaret. It is impossible to turn the state into system of total irresponsibility. When anywhere and never it is impossible to find the extreme. Everyone has the measure of responsibility", - Yatsenyuk declared.

"Everyone bears the cross, and it is necessary to bear responsibility for this cross. Therefore, please - chose, it is necessary to bear this responsibility", - the deputy told.

In turn, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Litvin declared that voters also have to realize the responsibility at vote.

"Now we vote not mind, and in many cases emotions. Therefore any system selective which will be if responsibility isn't realized that my voice can be decisive - to sense won't be", - the speaker told.

"At us it turns out as in life: on those whom love - those don't marry, as a rule.And at us, people of the one whom they respect, as a rule, on elections it don't support", - Litvin noted.


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