While 4 kommunarovets communicated with the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, colleagues supported them on meeting before Nikolaev YEAH

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Today on March 2 about 70 workers of GP "Shipbuilding Plant of 61 Communards" carried out the announced protest action, which purpose - to declare that people are left to the mercy of fate - they even have no money to support the families.

Business all that don't pay to employees of plant a salary since September, 2008.

We will remind that the debt to workers makes 5200,6 thousand hryvnias, and before the Pension Fund - 8,4 million hryvnias.

It was initially supposed that about 800 workers of plant will take part in this meeting, but to carrying out this action tried to prevent. Who tried to prevent - remained a riddle.

To regional officials went the person of 70 representatives of labor staff of plant whom the chairman of labor union "Protection of justice" Igor Boyko headed.

Kommunarovtsa walked a system down the street Admiral's, but the main action was developed already at walls of the Nikolaev regional state administration.

Acting before gathered, Igor Boyko told about a situation which developed at the enterprise. I. Boyko and why few people came to meeting so explained. According to him, the management of plant gave the order not to let workers on this action. "Plant protection, referring to the order of the director, simply I didn't let out people for a checkpoint. And those who managed to pass, were "written carefully down". We only have the legitimate right for meeting. We don't oppose someone and we don't pursue political aims. We simply want that to us paid a salary", - I. Boyko declared.

He also reported that today the meeting of four representatives of plant of 61 Communards with the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Litvin is planned on 10.00. It became possible after kommunarovets on the air of Inter TV channel declared the problems, and then, during the same air, V. Litvin suggested to carry out on Monday, at 10.00, meeting in Rada during which deputies will try to solve the problems which have developed at plant.

To protesters there was a head of department of industrial policy Nikolaev YEAH N. Maksimchuk who told that YEAH does everything to help plant and recognized that all claims of factory workers are reasonable. But people didn't believe it and continued to demand a meeting with the governor of the Nikolaev area A. Garkusha.

Garkusha to protesters didn't leave, but soon walls YEAH had a plant manager of 61 Communard I. Kozyrev who told about the last trip to Kiev and about communication with the deputy minister of industrial policy.

I. Kozyrev declared that the administration of plant looks for exits from current situation and hoped that soon the salary will be paid to workers. Here I couldn't call only accurate terms.

Igor Kozyrev also promised that repressions concerning those who came to meeting won't be, and those who didn't let out people from plant will be punished. "I about that didn't let out people didn't give any order. But everything has to be under the law", - I. Kozyrev noted.

Igor quickly also emphasized that the official labor union of plant didn't support carrying out this meeting and, most likely, also interfered with it. People gathered under steles YEAH expressed the gratitude of Independent federation of labor unions of Ukraine and to their leader Miroslav Yakibchuk. "Thanks to their support we managed will reach the country leaders and to declare in what state now there is an enterprise. And local authorities of it couldn't make already throughout long time", - I. Boyko emphasized.

From current situation the labor collective sent offers on a plant exit to the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet and to the President of Ukraine.


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