Crisis faces: the Odessa zoo declares sale of bears

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The Odessa zoological park intends to be defined in April with future a place of stay of newborn bear cubs.

The manager of the ecologist reported about it - educational department of the Odessa zoo of Alexander Volkov.

"In our zoo there lives a bear by nickname Paul and two more she-bears - the Glade and Fen. At the end of January - the beginning of February one of she-bears gave birth to bear cubs. But we can't precisely learn who from them I became mummy as all of them time are in a den", - Aleksandra Volkova declared.

According to her, workers of a zoo consider what exactly Fen brought into world of kids as this she-bear lives in a zoo about 10 years and is brought every year by posterity. So, last year she gave birth to 2 bear cubs, and in before last - 3, and the Glade for all the time had only one cub.

Aleksandra Volkova reported that at present a she-bear - mother prepares bear cubs for their first exit from a warm den on air at the end of March - the beginning of April. Newborns have now a lactation period. Bear cubs very small and weak therefore they eat milk of mother with which receive elements and vitamins are born.

"There are bear cubs a den already large and strong, and their behavior reminds behavior of ordinary children", - she added.

Aleksandra Volkova emphasized that the zoo has no opportunity to retain cubs. Usually them sell or simply give to other zoos. Therefore as soon as bear cubs become independent - the issue of their further place of stay will be resolved.


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