Nikolayevets tried to sell remains of soldiers of "the Third Reich" for 45 thousand euros

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33- summer Evgeny Yakimichenko, the inhabitant of the village Shevchenkovo of the Novobugsky area, unsuccessfully tried to sell the remains of soldiers of Wehrmacht found it to the German National union.

Evgeny Yakimichenko found counters of the major and 2-x ordinary Wehrmacht, a photo of times of World War II and Hitler's shabby portrait on the land plot. Found he tried to sell all for 45 thousand euros to the director of representation of the German National union who is engaged in exhumation and a reburial of remains of the German soldiers who were lost in Ukraine at the time of World War II, to Hans Ulrich Schrader.

"Human remains are not a material value which can trade, and spiritual. According to the Geneva convention of 1958 and the contract between Ukraine and Germany of 1996 "About an order of a reburial of remains of victims during World War II", the citizens who have found such remains, have to address in militia where the withdrawal act will be issued. Or the place of burial will be protected before exhumation. The population doesn't know it and arrives incompetently", - the representative of the regional interdepartmental commission on perpetuation of memory of victims of wars and political repressions Sergey Bereznoy reported.

From Evgeny Yakimichenko withdrew the remains found it and subjects. Now they are stored in the Novobugsky District Department of Internal Affairs before arrival of Hans Ulrich Schrader which is expected at the beginning of July. The reburial is planned on the Kirovograd international necropolis.

According to Sergey Berezny, it wouldn't be succeeded to be sewed on the found Yakimichenko as the maximum cost of a counter of the soldier of Wehrmacht in the black market makes 30 c.u. "If Yakimichenko voluntary handed over the remains found it, it, probably, would earn material reward from grateful relatives of victims. In July Schrader will make the public address to inhabitants of Nikolaev and area to explain how it is necessary to work at similar finds", - Sergey Bereznoy declared.


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