Flowers and tears

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As appears from the data obtained by World Health Organization, practically every second inhabitant of our planet suffers this or that type of an allergy. Perhaps, the most widespread of them can call поллиноз which is shown during certain seasons: spring - summer - fall. With approach of spring and summer at many of us the health sharply worsens. About manifestations of this disease and about that, properly to behave to be saved from a seasonal allergy, the manager of allergologichesky office of the Nikolaev regional hospital Lidiya SVISTELNIKOVA tells.

The small troubles complicating life
"Annually in the summer in the same month I have a nose congestion, an itch in a nose, in acoustical passes, watery cold, eyelids, слезятся eyes itch. I endlessly sneeze, there was a cough, from - for it I can't work, I can't go outside, go to giving. Symptoms as though are similar to cold, but repeat regularly in one and too time, and then as unexpectedly disappear", - approximately patients so characterize the state.
Pollinoz (from English "pollen") is an allergic disease of a mucous membrane of a nose, an eye, the airways, caused by pollen of plants. Microscopic particles of pollen contain the specific enzymes, allowing to get through a mucous membrane of eyes and a nose and to cause unpleasant symptoms.
The aggravation поллиноза has accurately expressed seasonal nature which coincides with a calendar of blossoming of plants of flowers and the bushes causing allergic reaction. Such state can be aggravated with increased fatigue, decrease in appetite, dream violation, small temperature increase of a body.
Scientists found out that about 60 various plants can cause an allergy. They blossom during the different periods, forcing to sneeze and cough people sensitive to pollen since spring to the late fall. In our forest-steppe zone the most widespread allergens are trees: alder, hazel grove, birch, willow, oak. They deliver troubles to allergic persons in the spring. By the way, poplar down of which allergic persons often complain, in itself it is impossible to call allergenic, it only with ease carries parts of a dust including pollen, as causes reaction.
In the spring and in the summer cereals blossom: wheat grass, corn, fescue, meadow grass, buckthorn. During blossoming they cause disease lifting.
But experts consider as the most allergenic herbs, especially weeds: herd grass, wormwood, orach, and also cultural plant sunflower. The main responsible for an allergy at us call the ambrosia which thickets often cover the whole residential districts.
Such dependence is noted: if at the person hypersensibility to pollen of plants was already shown, symptoms can become aggravated during a leaf fall, smoke inhalation, from a smell of a zhzheny grass.
Unfortunately, the allergy is descended and if one or both parents have hypersensibility to any component, the probability of the same manifestations and at the child is quite high. However, it not sentence: the healthy nutrition, observance of recommendations of the doctor will help not to suffer from an allergy.

Don't lead up excessively!
It is impossible to disregard manifestations поллиноза though cold, apparently, can be suffered, слезящиеся to wipe eyes a kerchief and not to pay attention to cough and sneezing. The chronic allergic inflammation of airways can lead to a serious disease - bronchial asthma. It develops because sensitivity and reaction of bronchial tubes changes. Constantly the stuffy nose doesn't carry out the protective function and therefore allergens get to the bottom airways, causing hypostasis mucous and an inflammation.
Among the most modern interpretation of the reasons of emergence of asthma, in particular, and allergies in general are also the such: the illness arises for fear before life, from rejection by the person itself or any vital circumstances. Speak also so: asthma is an inability to breathe a full breast, internal constraint, fear of changes. At such mood the organism is compelled to be in a condition of defense constantly. It from the point of view of psychology. And physically the organism reacts inadequately to those irritants which earlier simply wouldn't notice. Therefore even more often an allergy many experts call not an illness, and inadequate excessive reaction on usual before an irritant, and it designates the certain immune failure which has happened in an organism. The reasons of it, except purely psychological, there is a set: the polluted air and the water, the modified food, abuse of drugs, goods of household chemicals.

The doctor
will prompt
The allergy usually doesn't threaten human life, however significantly reduces quality of his life, after all there is a certain dependence on effect of allergens. In the period of an exacerbation of a disease it is more difficult to study, work, communicate with other people. Therefore an illness it is easier to warn. In the Nikolaev regional hospital offer two methods of treatment of an allergy.
Pharmacotherapy - drug intake on symptoms: from cold, cough, dacryagogues, besides are supplemented they with the antihistaminic (antiallergenic) means removing dependence of an organism from allergen. Remember that can't choose drugs, allergy treatment - business strictly individual therefore the address to the doctor is obligatory!
Any drugs only facilitate a condition of the patient, but don't eliminate a problem. Steadier effect gives long treatment by special preparations of new generation. The specific system immunotherapy - this method consists in treatment by the allergens which are a part of special dragees. Their reception begins with small dosages which gradually increase, accustoming an organism it is correct to resist to an irritant.

Protection against allergens
In the period of an exacerbation of an allergy the doctor will advise you to keep order in the apartment, daily to do damp cleaning, to curtain windows fabric and to moisten it to reduce amount of pollen and the dust, getting into the room. Try not to leave the house in sunny windy weather as in such days in air concentration of pollen much more increases. Coming back home, wash hands with soap, wash out water of an eye and a nose, it is possible even to take a shower. Usual dark glasses will help to protect from eye pollen. Working in a garden, put on gloves and the clothes closing hands and feet. And if for this time holiday drops out, try to leave there where blossoming ended, or on the sea coast. Out of a season of an aggravation don't use products on which cross allergic reactions are possible: honey, nuts, sunflower seeds, vegetable oil, halvah. Have at itself those medicines which facilitate your state at поллинозе.


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