Unjustified cruelty: in Nikolaev in 9.30 mornings at the railway station shot dogs

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The problem of homeless animals in the city ripened long ago, but in ways of its decision the city power goes not on the way of humanity, and on the simplest way. Employees of "Nikolayevkommuntrans", having loaded the guns with kurarepodobny poison, left on April 6 to the area of the old railway station.

People who hurried for work, conducted children in kindergartens and simply inhabitants of houses on Obraztsov St., 4-and which became steel involuntary witnesses of the events, were shocked.

And not only from "process" (kurarepodobny poison kills not at once - the animal dies in the eyes), but also from the attitude of "leaders" towards killed dogs - they, not especially hurrying, dragged those for paws on asphalt, threw in a car body where animals and let out the last spirit...

Nobody argues: stray dogs, getting off in packs, start behaving like the wild colleagues - with that only a difference that they aren't afraid of people. From here and threat which is born by stray dogs to people. But after all we are people!

If more humane ways of a solution of the problem of homeless animals of the road, really it is impossible to make it in other time, without injuring people and the children to which mentality the seen can cause an irreparable loss.

And then we are surprised why teenagers with such ease deprive of life of the contemporaries. From cruelty to animals to cruelty to people - at all a step, and a half-step.


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