For the unfair solution of problems with waste in Nikolayevshchina, at interdepartmental meeting from prosecutor's office "on nuts" got to all – officials, ecological and sanitary services

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At the interdepartmental meeting held by prosecutor's office of area with heads of executive authorities and law enforcement agencies of Nikolayevshchina, problems of control of requirements of the nature protection legislation concerning the address with industrial and household wastes were stipulated.

By results of checks it is established that bodies of the state executive power and local government carry out a certain work concerning ensuring implementation of requirements of the legislation on waste, however, in most cases, programs are carried out in an unseemly way, and have only declarative character.

For example, in Voznesensky the area Voznesensky's decision of regional council of 26.01.2000 approved the Program of environmental protection and Voznesensky's rational environmental management of the area for 2000-2010. In the specified program problem questions of the address with waste are stated, however concrete actions for their stage-by-stage decision are absent.

In the Arbuzinsky area development of schemes of sanitary cleaning is planned for 2008 on each settlement of the area, carrying out reconstruction of cleaning constructions in Arbuzink and Kostantinovk's settlements is provided, but on March 1, 2009 the specified actions weren't executed.

The facts of non-performance of the actions provided by Programs are established by prosecutors of Brotherly, Kazankovsky, Vradiyevsky, Elanetsky areas. During checks essential shortcomings on observance of the legislation on the nature are revealed also in October, New Odessa, Berezansky, Snigirevsky, Novobugsky, to Kazankovsky, Vradiyevsky, Arbuzinsky, Domanevsky, Elanetsky and Pervomaisk areas. By prosecutors of areas it is brought 36 instructions and representations to the heads of the district state administrations, the rural, settlement heads.

The problem of waste very much is particularly acute in the Nikolaev area. In area 119 types of waste are registered. The volume of formation of waste in a year makes about 2 million.tons and their total amount makes more than 28 million tons. It is also revealed 487 total garbage dumps which vast majority works without the corresponding nature protection and project documentation, sanitary passports, branches of the land plots, without observance of actions against pollution of lands, underground waters and the air pool.

Besides, unresolved there is a problem of storage of unknown pesticides and agrochemicals. In area 75 places in which there are 677 tons of the chemical means unsuitable to use intended for protection of plants are recorded.

For the purpose of elimination of shortcomings and violations by prosecutors of the specified areas in February - March of the current year representations to regional public health service, ecological inspection, regional public administrations and village councils are brought.

By in total bodies of prosecutor's office of area it is brought 56 instructions and representations, 5 protests are taken out, 37 officials are made responsible, 255 thousand UAH

are compensated

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