Litvin modestly admitted that only he can protect the country from boundless morons of BYuT and PR

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The chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Litvin assures that his political force was a part of the coalition only for renewal of normal work of parliament.

He declared it last night during the Freedom on Intera program, answering a question, whether comfortably he feels in the coalition with BYuT and NU - NANOSECOND.

V. Litvin noted that very uncomfortablly felt when in September of last year of fraction of Party of Regions and BYuT united and started working antikonstitutsionno, "correcting laws of Ukraine and arranging the country under itself".

He declared that there is a big danger in association of two big political forces as "for them doesn't exist laws, is right".

"It is clear that a big consolation of that occurs in Ukraine, I don't feel. But when the country fell when the Verkhovna Rada didn't work and consequently - the country didn't work, me the coalition interested not, and me people" interested, - V. Litvin told.

He is also convinced that won't head parliament in case of formation of the new coalition as a part of BYuT fractions and Party of Regions.

"I don't think, I am convinced that then I won't be a speaker", - he told.

At the same time, according to V. Litvin, he and his political force will have a bigger maneuver for political actions.

Thus the chairman of BP claims that for his present position a number of politicians does everything that Blok of Litvin didn't get to the following structure of parliament. "For my position that I try to keep the working country, concluded a bet that on the following elections will smooth out the political force which I represent, and that it won't be in general in parliament", - he told.

V. Litvin advised all to think better of the ratings and of, whether they will pass in the Verkhovna Rada.


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