On the Nikolaev site of the road "Dnepropetrovsk-Nikolaev" unknown stole more than 15 road signs

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In the Bashtansky area on a road "Dnepropetrovsk-Nikolaev" site this month unknown stoleone metal rack and five road signs. The amount of damage made more than one thousand hryvnias.

The similar facts of plunder of the state property in the Bashtansky area happened earlier. In March of this year unknown stolemorenumber of road racks инесколько road signs. Generally thefts happened on a bypass road round Bashtanki, at entrance to Bashtanka and on a road site between Bashtankaya and пгт. Bereznegovatoye.

In total, lately from roads of the Bashtansky area it was stolenmore than 15 road signs.

Today on all facts the corresponding applications are submitted to Bashtansky regional department of militia, search of malefactors is conducted.

The most interesting that road signsmost often stole"Repair work", "Restriction of the speed of 40 km/h", "Give way" and "Movement is forbidden".For whom and why these signs were necessary? It is even not running "goods" - anywhere you won't sell it, on scrap metal unless … And that, then, as they say, problems you won't be gathered. Possibly it is some kind of protest against high penalties for violation of traffic regulations, after allthere are no signs - there are no restrictions also, which can't be broken.

At present militiamen are occupied with search of those for whom these road signs were necessary.


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