The local government won't allow African "beastliness" in Nikolayevshchina

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In the regional state administration meeting of the State extraordinary antiepizootic commission took place at the Nikolaev regional state administration which was held by the deputy governor Vitaly Travyanko.

The important question concerning control strengthening in transit animals, raw materials and products of an animal origin, to observance veterinarno - sanitary requirements was on the agenda at the maintenance of pigs in area farms for the purpose of prevention of entering and distribution of a virus of the African plague of pigs in the territory of the Nikolaev area.

The chief of head department of veterinary medicine in the Nikolaev area Victor Bovnegra informed that in Stavropol Krai (Russian Federation) the disease of pigs of the African plague is registered. By public service of veterinary medicine of Ukraine it is strengthened veterinarno - sanitary control when importing animals, raw materials and products of an animal origin (including hand luggage) from the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine.

Victor Bovnegra reported about strengthening of control of work of pig farms of farms of the Nikolaev area in "the closed mode". 63 pig farms from 134 available are checked, 63 instructions are issued, collected админштрафы from 63 heads for the sum of 1844.5 UAH. Work on vaccinal prevention of classical plague of pigs, both in farms and in the private sector is constantly carried out. The prepared disinfection equipment and means for sanitary processing of transport, rooms and territories.

The regional state extraordinary protiepizootichesky commission charged to all competent authorities of the power to carry out an inspection and prevention, and to Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area charged to take measures concerning prevention of spontaneous trade in production of an animal origin on the basis of Art. 10 of the Law of Ukraine "About militia" and the Art.26 Laws of Ukraine "About local government of Ukraine" and also to strengthen control on highways on prevention of transportation on the territory of the Nikolaev area of pigs, meat of pork, processing products, without corresponding accompanying veterinary documents.


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