Professor Olga Bogomolets arrived to Nikolaev to tell about recently appeared illness – an ultraviolet can cause at everyone a cancer of skin

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On May 12 to Nikolaev there arrived professor, the doctor of medical sciences, chapterToiyevsky institute of dermatology and cosmetologyOlga Bogomolets. In our city it surveyed 85 children from two children's homes, 12 boarding schools and 12 schools for children with development shortcomings. Its purpose - to find children who is or can have cancer of skin or a melanoma - regeneration of birthmarks. All costs of inspection and treatment of these children were assumed by a family of professor - Olga Bogomolets and her husband Alexey Sheremetyev.

Diseases of skin started being shown actively only the last 15 years.Olga Bogomoletssays that often even doctors it isn't aware of that their patients have a melanoma. Happens that the person addresses to the dermatologist, and it sends the patient to the oncologist.

The oncologist makes a helpless gesture: the sick - not his "client".

Solar activity is the reason of emergence of a new illness. Professor emphasized that the ultraviolet is today not that ultraviolet which was 10 years ago.

Olga BogomoletsI suggested health care management to provide in the Nikolaev area trainings for local doctors. She considers that nobility and be able to reveal an illness on the body owes everyone. Professor shortly described the main symptoms of tumors.

- There are two different types of tumors, - she told. The first is a cancer of skin. It can arise where skin white where there are no birthmarks, pigmentary spots. The cancer of skin arises owing to loss by cages of their genetic memory on division speed. That is each cage has a memory - as quickly it has to share. Under a certain influence, in this case the mutation occurs under the influence of an ultraviolet - a burn on skin - the cage receives "shock".It loses thegeneticmemory also starts sharing uncontrolledly. As soon as the cage starts sharing uncontrolledly, there is a cancer of skin.

It most often arises in those places where there is the maximum insolation (radiation by a sunlight). At men, for example, it is part of the head where there are no hair, whisky, part of a nose bridge where sunshine, an upper lip, cheekbones, shoulders get.

The first symptom of a cancer of skin - emergence of a pink speck which is shelled.

- In most cases, if the person addresses to the dermatologist, the doctor says that it is any inflammatory process, smear with cream, - professor continues. - The person smears, smears. If 2-3 months it smears, but cream doesn't help and if also in the middle of a speck there is a small cave-in, it means that it is necessary to go to the oncologist.

The cancer of skin can grow as the tumor similar to a fungus. But it occurs later. At the first stage this speck. The more long this speck of people holds and waits that it will pass, the it is more risk of that it will develop into a tumor.

Today we can guarantee 100-percentage treatment on an outpatient basis.Butonly if the patient addressed in time. And after that it has to consist on the account as from - that skin already got solar burn, there will be still tumors. They need to be deleted.

The second type of a tumor is formed of a birthmark. It is a melanoma.

- Signs of regeneration of a birthmark are extremely simple, - speaksOlga Bogomolets. - That it was easier to remember, we thought up "AKORD" abbreviation:

Andsymmetry - a birthmark has to be symmetric.

Toparadise of a birthmark has to be equal. If it becomes jagged is the second sign.

Aboutкрас должеthe N to be homogeneous (uniform). If there are any points on a birthmark, it is one more sign.

Рazmer. The more the size, the is more risk. But the melanoma can be formed and of a small birthmark of 2 mm in size.

Динамика - emergence of any signs (bleeding, cracks, continuous traumatizing, color changes, increase in the size, any other changes).

The more such signs, the risk of is higher that the illness started proving.

According to professor, each our suntan during summer holiday or in a sunbed involves certain consequences.

If on skin it isn't noticeable in some months, it yet doesn't mean that suntan disappeared absolutely. All our suntan is summarized, and finally can lead to sad consequences.

As in Ukraine yet don't deal with a problem of tumors of skin at the state level as soon as physicians will lift this problem, will reveal very many patients.


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