Medvedko's deputy: The State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia

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Absence of indications ex-the deputy head of SBU Vladimir Satsyuk doesn't bear threat for a legal investigation of Victor Yushchenko's poisoning.

About it in interview "To Ukraine young" the deputy public prosecutor Nikolay Golomsha declared, making comments on information that commission of inquiry of the Verkhovna Rada on investigation of poisoning of Yushchenko recently I took indications from Satsyuk.

"Concerning mister Satsyuk, the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine addressed with the corresponding assignment to the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation which has to interrogate it. This assignment isn't executed yet, but we hold contact with the Russian colleagues and periodically we are interested in performance of our instructions, and not only about it", - he told.

"And in general, investigators investigate many other questions therefore absence of indications of Satsyuk doesn't bear threat for investigation. Especially as we have an arrangement with the head of VSK Vladimir Sivkovich that all materials acquired by the commission, they will transfer to us, and we will be grateful to them", - Golomsha added.

At the same time he noted that actions of Temporary commission of inquiry "distract" investigators of GPU "from the main investigation" a little.

"But we have a mutual understanding with members of VSK therefore obstacles for truth establishment in business aren't present", - Golomsha told.

According to him, the investigation of case of Yushchenko's poisoning "moves according to the plan".

"The only thing, I would like that this business excessively didn't politize. All affairs which are in production of investigators of the State Office of Public Prosecutor have to investigate it in a habitual mode, without agiotage, as well as. To us nobody has to cling strongly in information searches, and investigators have to abstain from comments because it only interferes with truth establishment", - Golomsha told.

"Because there are people who get to a lens, are interested, write applications, distract that isn't really useful for a consequence. I can't tell about a course of investigation" more, - he added.


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