In Nikolaev parents impose to children the opinion in a choice of future profession?

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Choice of profession - very important step to lives of each person. Therefore for the purpose of providing the help in a professional choice the employment service installed special professional orientation terminals at 34 schools and two boarding schools of Nikolaev.

Professional orientation terminal- it is the newest development of the State center of employment, the youth Internet - a portal access to which is provided via special electronic devices which settle down directly in educational institutions in places with the maximum availability to users.

For studying of overall performance of terminals for April - May the Nikolaev regional employment service conducted sociological surveys of pupils of 8-11 classes (1080 school students) their parents (225 people) and teachers (181 persons) in those educational institutions where terminals were installed.

It was offered to all three categories of respondents to explain expression "correctly chosen profession". Children and their parents noted that it, first of all, a profession which is pleasant. Teachers emphasized that it is a profession which answers personal qualities and tendencies of the person.

Today, according to the interrogated parents and teachers,the choice of future profession is influenced most of all by parents.So consider68% of teachersand55,6% of parents. However majority of school students(50,6%)consider that in professional definition by the main thing their own choice is. Probably, many parents simply impose to the children own opinion, considering as its only thing correct? After all at this age it is quite difficult to teenager to make a right choice and not to be mistaken. But parents nevertheless should listen to desires of the child and to try to solve a choice problem together.

As reports the regional center of employment, the importance of the professional orientation terminal in choice of profession was noted by 12% of school students, 9,4% of teachers and nearly 6% of parents.


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