About nine flight hours were accumulated for one flight change by the Nikolaev crews of SU-25 and L-39 aviation crews of tactical aircraft of Air command "South" of Air Forces of ZS of Ukraine

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In aviation crew of tactical aircraft of Air command "South" of Air Forces of Armed forces of Ukraine which is deployed in Nikolayevshchina, the next flight change took place on June 16. About it reports the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

During its carrying out the main objectives of crews consisted in maintenance and improvement of skills of an aircrew by types of flight training, check of level of training of military pilots and implementation of flight of the aircraft equipment.

Flight change took place according to the scheme "in day, in simple meteoconditions". During performance of flights by air brigade command the considerable attention was given to observance of security measures during flights.

The first flight of flight change was executed by the head of flights, the acting as the commander of aviation crew lieutenant colonel Sergey Ishchenko who executed flight of two planes of SU-25.

At implementation of flights great skills showed the commander of an aviation squadron lieutenant colonel Timur Ilyasov who executed control flights after the next holiday on "perfectly" and the commander of a link captain Sergey Gayduk. He carried out an inspection by types of flight training. And the captain Alexander Mostovoy and the commander of a link captain Vadim Dzyubenko got the admission on a group sletannost at small heights.

Generally, throughout flight change 27 departures by planes of SU-25 and L-39 with the general raid of crews were carried out about nine hours.


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