The Nikolaev city Communist Party organization of SPU самораспустилась also waits for arrival to Nikolaev A. Moroz

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On taken place, on July 15, extraordinary conference of the Nikolaev city party organization of Socialist party of Ukraine the unanimous decision on party cell self-dissolution was made. Disagreement with a number of the personnel questions which are carried out by Kiev concerning a Communist Party organization became the reason for a similar step from the Nikolaev socialists.

Throughout the long period of time in the party organization of socialists the long conflict between "city" and "area" lasts. About it report H. news

According to the chairman of audit commission of the Nikolaev city Communist Party organization of SPU Alexander Kalnik, the leader of Socialist party of Ukraine Alexander Moroz took Anatoly Sviridov's position in this conflict and the "the strong-willed decision" discharged Oleg Baranov and his deputy Igor Chukharev of posts. And the "decapitated" Communist Party organization it was offered to Sviridov who actually had to combine two positions to hand over the reins temporarily.

After amending the party Charter at congress in 2008 the leader of SPU acquired the right to discharge heads of party cells from coordination политисполокома. In this case, according to Alexander Kalnik, meeting of political executive committee was illegitimate as after an exit from Stanislav Nikolayenko's SPU the structure of this leading party body was incomplete (new structure wasn't re-elected).

In this regard some members of a city Communist Party organization disagreed with Oleg Baranov and Igor Chukharev's discharge. As a result, in the subsequent extraordinary plenum of a city town committee on which it was specified the above discrepancies of actions of governing bodies of SPU with the Party charter took place. Further extraordinary conference of a city Communist Party organization at which it was expressed no confidence in Anatoly Sviridov took place also. On it reaction from Kiev in the form of discharge from posts of two secretaries of district committees (Factory and Ship) immediately followed.And secretaries of Lenin and Central district committees remained in the chairs because the first took a neutral position, and the second supported Sviridov.

We managed to phone to the head of the SPU Nikolaev city organization Oleg Baranov who declared the following: "Yes, it is valid, such strong-willed decision was made. All documents already in Kiev. All members of the city organization remained in the ranks of socialist party".

According to Oleg Baranov, it was made to draw attention of party leadership to a problem which arose in the Nikolaev cell.

"We count that the party leadership will analyse current situation. We hope that the head of party A. Moroz will arrive to Nikolaev and already on a place will make the decision", - O. Baranov summed up.


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