157 mobile, 98 refrigerators, 44 bicycles and 25 cars

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Very important during our space era to have in using good modern assistants to a life who significantly would reduce an expense of time on house laborious work and at the same time would decorate a family cosiness of each family.

About that how many what and when goods of long using were acquired by households of Nikolayevshchina, data of selective survey which was conducted by Head department of statistics in October, 2008 testify.

According to inspection, on the average 100 households of the region have in using of 157 mobile phones, 115 color and 11 - is black - white TVs, 98 refrigerators, 92 washing machines, 75 vacuum cleaners, 44 bicycles, on 38 cameras and sewing machines, on 25 videorecorders and cars.

The considerable part of households took main forms of household equipment the new. Concerning vehicles, in households already former in the use 71,5% of motorcycles and a half of cars arrived.

Considerable there is a part of sewing machines, motorcycles, is black - white TVs, tape recorders, cars, refrigerators, bicycles, washing machines which were acquired by households more than 10 years ago.

As a result of low purchasing power of the population, as well as in the previous years, separate modern goods of a family life and cultural appointment continue to remain inaccessible to the vast majority of households. Video cameras, conditioners, satellite antennas, audio systems, food processors, have from 7,3% to 15,5% of households of the region. At the same time in comparison with 2006 the part of households which have in using computers, players of CD-of disks and microwave ovens increased to level of 23,3-30,8%. Significantly the specific weight of households which have mobile phones in using grew from 54,6% to 78%.


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