The archbishop Nikolayevsky and Voznesensky Pitirim is built in a dignity of the metropolitan

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In life of Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchy in Nikolaev there was a historical event.

On July 27 in Kiev during celebration of Day of memory of the Saint prince equal to the apostles Vladimira Nastoyatel of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Most blessed Metropolitan Kiyevsky and all UkraineVladimirI built the archbishop Nikolayevsky and VoznesenskyPitirimain a dignity of the metropolitan.

The history says that under the chairmanship of metropolitans passed Cathedrals. Directly about them says 34-е the Apostolic rule:"to bishops of any people it befits the nobility of the first in them, and признавати his yak the head, and превышающаго their power you don't create anything without it". Zonara in interpretation of this canon calls taking priority bishops "bishops of a metropolitanate", that is the center of this or that province of the empire.

As the secretary now the metropolitantold usPitirimafatherPyotr, this appointment doesn't mean that the metropolitan Pitirim "overtook" the Metropolitan Kiyevsky and all UkraineVladimir- the hierarchy remains former. Also any cardinal changes in this regard by a solemn event it isn't planned.

MetropolitanVladimirnow is in Nikolaev. At ten o'clock mornings the service of the metropolitan in the Cathedral of Christmas of the Virgin on Lyagin Street began.

May, 2009. The archbishop Pitirim bears to a cancer with relicsprelate Spiridon Trimifuntsky

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