The Nikolaev landings celebrated day of airborne forces without parachutes and "eating" of frogs, VIDEO)

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This year Day of airmobile armies in Nikolaev celebrated much worse, than in the past. And business, probably, at all only in a lack of financing in connection with crisis, from - for what wasn't any parachute jump on "facade". Paratroopers at all didn't eat frogs who in our creeks can be caught absolutely free of charge. But about everything one after another.

From 9 o'clock on a check point 79-й separate airmobile crew of Land forces of Armed forces of Ukraine of paratroopers and guests were welcomed by the commander of part, the colonel Konstantin Maslennikov. Against psychodelic pictures on a wall of a fence of a check point, the commander of part Maslennikov got up so that behind his back "wings" and "short moustaches" were formed, why there was obviously audible similarity to the apostle Pyotr, at gate (so to speak, too a check point) Ry.

Before gate of a check point the landing ammunition, badges, berets and other was on sale. In the territory of part the tent with Landing beer advertizing (and what else settled down? ).

Also I was "чипок" where on a row with beer, water and soldier's ammunition female hairpins were on sale …! It dread to think where allegedly they have to fasten on bald landing skulls … Probably, it is an effective method of demoralization of enemies.

As always, with glass bottles with beer the entrance was forbidden, but the real landings find every year any ways to carry by glass "sleeves".

By the way about sleeves. During a facade fighters shot the mass of blank cartridges. The children who have come with parents for a holiday, filled the pockets with sleeves full of panties. And when sleeves already fell out of pockets, how children bent behind them in the field, appear, that kids, parting forcibly each other, will start being quick to grasp them directly from machine guns.The conclusion - if in Olviya specially is scattered by ceramic crocks for tourists why not to scatter on the date of airborne forces a two-three of bags of sleeves for children?

This year to guests Nikolaev десантуры showed hand-to-hand fight, work of scouts, firing from a howitzer, destroying single mines I passed BMD-1, деснаты beat about the bottle heads, broke the heads a tile, and here the board in any way didn't want to break about Vdvshnik's back. It had to take out four rather strong blows while the board gave in. Thus the fighter on a step didn't move a little (see video).

It is strange that this time paratroopers didn't show on the professional holiday of any parachute jump. Moreover, at all weren't honored on "eating" couple of frogs or ears.

Nevertheless, airmobile armies are known for the rigid discipline, and their fighters - force and fearlessness. Therefore we recommend to persons civil to declare an informal curfew tonight. You never know, today their holiday …

For airborne forces! With a holiday, paratroopers!

You watch video to the address

We will remind that this year to paratroopers the state practically didn't allocate money for jumps. Therefore soldiers teach anything, besides, that the soldier needs to know. The joke about the guy who has gone to army who sent home the letter is remembered: "Us here learn to clean snow and to cook potato. So if the enemy will attack - we to him will clear away the road and we will prepare to guzzle". The Nikolaev landings too learn to clean roads


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