Today the orthodox celebrate Honey Saviour

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Today - Makovey's holiday which in a church calendar Makkaveev is called in the afternoon of seven martyrs.

From this day at believers the Uspensky post which precedes one of the biggest religious holidays - to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin begins. The post proceeds two weeks.

Uspensky post not such strict as Great, but is more strict, Petrova and Christmas than posts.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the Uspensky post the charter of Church suggests to use dry foods, that is to observe the most strict post, on Tuesday and Thursday - boiled food, but without oil; on Saturday and Sunday wine and oil is allowed.

By a holiday of Lord's Transformation when in temples apples are consecrated, the Church obliges us to abstain from these fruits. According to transfer of Holy Fathers, "if who from brothers will eat a cluster till a holiday, so let will take a ban for disobedience and doesn't consume clusters during the whole month of August". On a holiday of Lord's Transformation under the church Charter fish is allowed in a meal. From this day to Mondays, середам and to Fridays fruits of a new crop surely entered food.

Traditionally, on August 14, in churches consecrate water, flowers and poppy. The water consecrated on Makovey, in the people consider curative and it is appreciated not less the sretensky - it is considered extremely useful.

According to sources of Christian theologians, this holiday was established in Byzantium in 1164 in honor of a victory of the emperor Manuil (1143-1180) over gentiles. In day of this victory before fight allegedly wonderfully I began to shine - it was updated - an icon of the Mother of God.

In it day celebrate the Cross Dominical. Ceremonies of carrying out of a cross, circulation were entered into festive church services with it on streets and solemn consecration of water. Honored also seven Saint martyrs - brothers Makkaveev (Avim, Antonin, Gury, Eleazar, Evsevon, Alim and Markell), and also mother their Solomoniya (or to Solomy) and their teacher Eleazar which suffered for refusal to accept paganism and in 166 BC accepted martyr death.

In Ukraine the holiday received one more name - Makovey, or Honey Saviour. This holiday synchronizes even the second cutting сотов from beehives. For a holiday of Honey Saviour consecrated also svezhevykachanny honey and treated with it all family.

On the occasion of this holiday in Kiyevo - Pechersky monastery the exhibition - sale of honey and beekeeping products opened. The present exhibition will proceed from August 14 to August 23.


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