On tests everyone 8-й nikolayevets "filled up" chemistry, and every fifth - geography

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The Ukrainian appraisal center of quality of education summed up the results of independent testing which took place from May 6 to June 26. As it appeared, most of all participants - nearly 434 thousand people - handed over tests on Ukrainian and literature (without it it is impossible to enter to one university), least of all - on Spanish - 165 people. And all it was possible to check the knowledge of 11 subjects. In leaders on indicators the Lvov area - practically in all subjects the area is in the lead by number of the school students who have gathered the highest number of points. And most of all gaps in education - at inhabitants of Zakarpatye (in the region most of all the "poor students", failed all tests).

We allocated four of 11 subjects: Ukrainian and literature, history of Ukraine, the mathematician and English, and selected only the excellent students who have gained 173-200 points, and "poor students" - they "scraped up" less than 123,5 points and didn't acquire the right to go to the university - see graphics.

Alas, nearly 9% of applicants didn't hand over language and literature, so were left this year in the basket. Most of all such it appeared to Zakarpatye (where there live many Hungarians and other national minorities) and in Russian-speaking to the Crimea. Excellent students on mathematics most of all in Kiev and in Sevastopol. Biology, judging by results of tests, best of all teach at Ivano's schools - Frankovshchina, Lvovshchina and Ternopolshchina (on 12% of pupils gathered from 180 to 200 points in this subject), in outsiders - Zakarpatye (here I filled up the test everyone 8-й). Similar situation in chemistry - in leaders three western areas, and school students in Kiyevshchina, in the Crimea and in the Nikolaev area (too - everyone 8-й) filled up the test. Like a duck to water pupils of Volhynia and Lvovshchina feel in geography (the highest points respectively at 12% and 11%), filled up a subject in Nikolayevshchina (practically everyone 5-й! ) Odessa and Donetsk areas (everyone 8-й).

In Lviv very are proud of the good results and consider them natural. As the Lvov teacher with an experience Maria Storozhuk speaks, "school students of Lvovshchina differ persistence, even obstinacy in comprehension of sciences.Besides, that is very important, the Lvov school students know Ukrainian (it for them native), than, say, children from east regions" better.

By the way, the report of the Center discredited the myth that rurally


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