Will celebrate majority of the Ukrainian independence about 60 nikolayevets in places of the Cossack glory - on Hortitsa

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On August 23-24 on Hortitsa the youth meeting from different regions of Ukraine will take place; during the stock "Independence Day on Hortitsa" politically active citizens together will develop a common position, an image and prospects of the future of Ukraine.

In the Nikolaev area the stock was supported by regional representation of social movement "National self-defense" and public organization "Anti-criminal Choice".

It is planned that about 60 representatives from Nikolaev will take part in cultural - mass action "Celebrations of majority of the Ukrainian independence in places of the Cossack glory! ", which will take place in. New Kakhovka on August 23 then will support the stock on Hortitsa.

The head of the Nikolaev delegation from"National self-defense"Sergey BurnazakinI noted: "The vast majority of the Nikolaev delegation makes youth aged till 28 years which has own look and a resistant civic stand concerning the subsequent development of Ukraine. We convinces that the stock "Independence Day on Hortitsa" will rally people and will give a positive impetus to the subsequent fruitful development of youth. The youth is now Ukraine tomorrow. It is impossible to be aside all public processes, it is necessary to make active young people, in the first steps to direct, learn already now how to conduct the boat under the name Ukraine".


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