In Nikolayevshchina petrol prices surely go up

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In the current year the price situation in the consumer market of Ukraine and the Nikolaev area is characterized by a resistant rise in price of oil products.

By results of the data processing, received the Head department of statistics, during the period from January to August, 2009 in Nikolayevshchina monthly observed growth of cost of gasoline. For example, in January petrol price increased by 10%, and in August - for 9,5%. As a whole since the beginning of year gasoline grew in price for 50,9% (for the similar period of last year - for 25,6%).

Meanwhile, on the average across Ukraine in eight months of this year petrol price grew by 52,3%, with rather considerable divergence in their gain among regions: from 48,1% in Sumshchina to 61,4% in ARE the Crimea.

As for diesel fuel, the gain of the prices of it in the consumer market of area was much less, than on gasoline, and in eight months of this year made 10,7% (last year - 39%), are reported by Head department of statistics in the Nikolaev area.

Within the first two weeks of September of petrol price and diesel fuel continued to grow, but rates of their gain in comparison with August were slowed down.


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