Trainer's council of the national team of Ukraine approved the candidate of the Nikolaev fighter Ivan Ishchenko on a trip to Beijing

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Trainer's council of the national team of Ukraine on free-style wrestling approved the candidate of the Nikolaev superheavyweight Ivan Ishchenko on a trip to Beijing. Thus, the graduate of National university of shipbuilding from the third attempt broke on the Olympic Games.

We will remind that the world champion and Europe among youth, the numerous winner of the international tournaments I. Ishchenko was among the main applicants for participation in the Olympic Games in Sydney-2000 and in Athens-2004. However the decision of the same council the national team joined others. By 28 years the Nikolaev Dynamo member who was brought to "a big carpet" by the honored trainer of Ukraine Yu. V. Tupeev, saved up a set of titles, received injuries even more, underwent two operations, one of which - last winter. More than once it happened on the verge of withdrawal from big-time sports. Probably, from Ivan's this step I held, in particular, the unrealized dream - to battle with the best супертяжами planets at the Olympic Games. After all from Russia nikolayevets struggled recently with the same world champion B. Makhov on a World Cup and didn't lose to the favourite of competitions of any technical action.

Ishchenko's main rival on the internal arena - the repeated prize-winner of the World Cups and Europe 34 - summer
V. Tasoyev - and this year successfully broke resistance of rivals on the subgroup in the championship of Ukraine in Odessa. Nikolayevets also surely won against fighters other subgroup from Kiev, Donetsk and Kharkov. And here - final fight. In the first period Tasoyev capture for a foot transferred Ishchenko to orchestra seats - 1:0. In the second productive reception was carried out by the Nikolaev fighter. The main time and ended in a draw. On a lot in attack Tasoyev got advantage, and he became the champion of Ukraine. But, considering results of other tournaments which have taken place in this year, trainer's council of the national team solved the Olympic chance to provide, at last, Ivana Ishchenko!

Future Olympian was fond of fight in … kindergarten on Artilleriyskaya Street. Exactly there for a long time moved DYuSSh No. 7 of a specialized (!) hall. Case for Nikolaev, I will honestly tell, rare, however and not the single.Actually, for full preparation the master of sports of the international class and the honored trainer of Ukraine have no modern carpet still. On trainings in Nikolaev they go - informally - to the regional management sports hall on a physical education and sports.

Certainly, as the member of the national team of Ukraine I. Ishchenko a lot of time trains in Kiev at R. S. Savlokhov. And in the hometown of Ivan O. N. Bogomaz and G. B. Rukavitsa, the commander of his military unit lieutenant colonel V. V. Kondratyuk, and also the chief of regional sport management A. V. Sadovsky and many others support in fight club "Nikolaev".

As result, Nikolayevshchina it will be for the first time in history presented on a wrestling mat of the Olympic Games. And at once two athletes! Still earlier treasured license was won by Taras Danko (trainers G. V. Danko and Yu. V. Tupeev). Useful will be to notice that will represent Ukraine in Beijing-2008 only six fighters - wrestlers. In July the Nikolaev Olympians will carry out the last preolympic rehearsals. I. Ishchenko will make a speech in Poland, and T. Danko - in Azerbaijan at tournaments гран - at a class A.


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