The Nikolaev management didn't find 14 associations of citizens which are registered in the Nikolaev area

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During implementation by Head department of justice in the Nikolaev area of checks of separate associations of citizens concerning observance of provisions of charters it is established that a number of the associations registered in the Nikolaev area, aren't to the address specified in authorized documents. About it it is reported on the official site of the Nikolaev regional public administration.

It should be noted that according to h. 6 Art. 15 of the Law of Ukraine "About association of citizens" changes to authorized documents of the registered associations of citizens are subject to obligatory registration.

Also, the list of associations of citizens which don't settle down in a place of registration is given in a site.

1. The Nikolaev regional organization of the association "New Ukraine" registered 10.10.1993р. certificate No. 29. Legal address: Nikolaev, General Karpenko St. 77, quarter 18.

2. Office of Association of veterans of special divisions on fight against organized crime "Center" in the Nikolaev area "The Center — Bug", registered 26.10.2001р. certificate No. 388. Legal address: Nikolaev, st. of Frunze 83, quarter 55.

3. The Nikolaev branch of the Ukrainian academy of the original ideas, registered 03.12.1993р. certificate No. 38. Legal address: Nikolaev, Lenin Ave., 67.

4. The Nikolaev regional office of the Ukrainian Ecological Academy of Sciences registered 17.06.1993р. certificate No. 10. Legal address: Nikolaev, Lazurnaya St., 1.

5. The Nikolaev regional public organization "Telefestival " "Velvet" Season", is registered 05.08.1994 No. 67. Legal address: Nikolaev, Admiralskaya St., 1.

6. The Nikolaev regional organization of All-Ukrainian public organization "Scientific organization of disabled people "Institute of social policy", is registered 20.02.2006 No. 605. Legal address: Nikolaev, Rybnaya St., 97, quarter 5.

7.The Nikolaev regional cell of All-Ukrainian association of efficient disabled people, is registered 28.03.2001 No. 360. Legal address: Nikolaev, Chkalov St., 110 B, quarter 57.

8. The Nikolaev regional public organization of Jews, the former prisoners of a ghetto and concentration camps, is registered 16.10.2000 No. 322. Legal address: Nikolaev, Oktyabrsky Ave., 39, quarter 75.

9. The Nikolaev regional public organization "Nikolaev Regiment of the Ukrainian Cossacks", 11.07.2000 No. 308 is registered. Legal address: Nikolaev, Morekhodnaya St., 2.

10. The Nikolaev local public organization "Initiative Fund", is registered 05.04.2000 No. 285. Legal address: Nikolaev, Krasnykh St. Mayovshchikov, 19, quarter 59.

11. The local charitable organization "Nikolaev Fund of the World", is registered 24.01.1999 No. 34. Legal address: Nikolaev, Lenin Square, 1, room 811.

12. The Nikolaev local charity foundation "Miloserdiye", is registered 07.02.2000 No. 76. Legal address: Nikolaev, Big Korenikh, Komsomolskaya St., 20, quarter 11.

13. The Nikolaev office of the International charity foundation of mercy of a name of mister Hlistyuk, 16.05.1999 No. 46 is registered. Legal address: Nikolaev, st. of Nikolsk, 16.

14. The Nikolaev regional public organization "Tennis Federation" registered in 27.04.2000 No. 289. Legal address: Nikolaev, Bugsky Boulevard, 16.

In this regard the Head department of justice in the Nikolaev area, quickly asks to report about changes which were made to authorized documents of these associations of citizens, in particular, about its location.

Associations of citizens which actually stopped the activity have to report in legalizing body about it in accordance with the established procedure.


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