"VERES" (EXACTLY) – IFC "NIKOLAEV" - 0:1 (0:1)

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On October 21. Exactly, Avangard stadium, 9 degrees, 1000 viewers. Arbitrators: N. Krivolapov, A. Drachev, A. Moskalenko (all - Kiev), P. Kravtsov (Exactly).
Delegate of FFU: Ya. Korolyuk (Ternopol).

"Veres" (Exactly): Bulrushes, Belov, Novak, Popov, Vasilyev (Evseev, 46, Gavrilyuk, 79), Pozdeev (Polishchuk, 85), Sinchuk - to, Kurilko, Dyachuk, Machulenko, Lyubar (Krokhmalyuk, 46). Spare: Bayrashevsky, Vlasyuk, Manasyan.

IFC "Nikolaev": Bobko - to, Kuznetsov (Mozhaev, 86), Babentsov, Voytsekhovsky, Polunitsky, Bessalov, Volkov, Voronchenko, Goncharenko (Komyagin, 64), Kundel (Rotan, 72), Morozov (the Fast walker, 58). Spare: Cholariya, Chaus, Gorobets.

Goal: Babentsov (11).

Preventions: Lyubar (37), Belov (62), Pozdeev (76), Priests (90+2); Voronchenko (34), Rotan (79).

It was the passed match of the third round which PFL postponed to October 21. And result both teams played on "a fatigue background", after recent calendar meetings. At the beginning of a match nikolayevets carried out неесколько the attacks, one of them came to the end productively. This is the right midfielderBabentsovat last - that I undersigned for others gate (we remember thatAlexanderin each meeting has the quite good moments, but it wasn't possible to hammer everything).

On 11-й to minute Babentsov flew the left flank, beat the defender and neatly punched in distant from the goalkeeperSitnikovacorner. The second time of a match passed with igshrovy advantage of the home team, and nikolayevets relied on defense. "Veres" attacked, guests competently defended.

Twice dangerously "Nikolaev"shot at the IFC goalDyachuk: in the first case perfectly I played Bobko, in the second "Veres's" best goal-scorer at a short distance sent a ball over a crossbeam. And further the home team long stayed on an IFC half "Nikolaev". On 71-й to minuteSinchukI "wound" at once some Nikolaev defenders, butBobkosuccessfully I played on an advancing.

Not for nothing we have the smallest quantity of the passed balls: in Exactly defenders and the goalkeeperBobkotoo didn't allow misses and defended victorious result. 1:0 - three more points are added in an IFC asset "Nikolaev".

After match comments:

After a match head coach of IFC "Nikolaev"Mikhail KalitaI told:
- Not easy was to play this passed match in three days to a poschla of the previous meeting.


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