Flu epidemic in the Ternopol area: seven people died, over 10 thousand diseased

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As of Monday, October 26, in the Ternopol area from - for a virus of flu seven people died. Besides, in area more than 10 thousand cases on unknown type of a virus are registered.

Information on lethal cases among patients with flu today, on October 27, in time a press - conferences was confirmed by the chief of head department of health protection of the Ternopol regional state administration Bogdan Oniskiv.

As the Ternopol truth informs, physicians connect these death with the complications, caused by flu. Concrete names of the dead, and all that is connected with it by Oniskiv refused to disclose once again not to excite people, but told that practically all dead - young people who had no problems with health.

For last week only in one Ternopol with symptoms of a disease of unknown flu nearly six thousand people addressed to doctors. At the same time the virus origin still isn't known. "The type of flu can be defined only in one and a half weeks, final results have to come from London", - the official declared.

Ониськив explains a catastrophic situation in Ternopol to that in the city is a lot of emigrants who could deliver a virus from - for a boundary. It assured that it isn't connected with garbage, a situation completely control, and hospitals received preparations under Tamiflu name.

"The situation aggravation at us began with ORVI two weeks ago. From October 12 to October 18 3938 cases on ORVI were recorded. From October 19 to October 25 10119 cases are registered. Situation intense, in some regions of area restrictive actions are declared. Meetings of the extraordinary anti-epidemic commissions made the decision on quarantine introduction in educational institutions", - the deputy chief health officer of area Ninel Tsyapa declared.

On the basis of the decision of the regional anti-epidemic commission, department of education and science at the district state administrations of three areas (Gusyatin, Zbarazh, Subtraffic police workers) transferred vacation and stopped study at schools. In total on area occupations in 106 institutions in which 41598 pupils study are suspended.

According to experts, the sharp cold snap and fluctuation of temperatures in a week prior to the beginning of a heating season, and also that for the last 5-7 years in area ORVI epidemic wasn't registered can be the reasons of early incidence of people on flu and ORVI in area. Besides, there are new strains of a virus.

According to the authorities, today a situation under control - physicians give help in full volume. Besides, there was an order of the chairman YEAH concerning overcoming of consequences of increase of incidence on virus infections. Physicians urge inhabitants of area to address at the first manifestations of a disease to the doctor.

As it was reported, on October 20 extraordinary anti-epidemic the commissions of the city of Ternopol I made the decision on introduction in the territory of the city of anti-epidemic actions in connection with the flu epidemic and ORVI announcement.


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