The Nikolaev society of protection of animals asks citizens about the help!

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After publication on pages of our partners "Evening Nikolaev",, of information on needs of our rehabilitation point, citizens began to call and offer the help. There is a wish to thank all who responded: the journalists, the listed editions and all people who already helped. Thanks to YOUR help, we built here such lodge:

Steps conduct to a captive circle. But today we finished CEMENT, and we continue to wait the help:

Still we don't have enough working hands. We ask wishing us to help, to devote to our construction at least one day:

The place under open-air cages actively is "stamped" today by our wards:

They eat the bread not with gift:

And here under a captive place for us are urgently necessary: RUBBLE, EXPANDED CLAY, CEMENT and COLUMNS FOR the GRID - CHAIN-LINKS.

Our simple economy and our wards is protected by the loyal friend.

For treatment and care of animals we on - former need the following:

1. Antiseptics

2. Sterile gloves

3. Antibiotics

4. Capacities big plastic

5. Capacities enameled big

6. Cotton fabric

Only thanks to YOUR HELP, we will be able to construct and cure these poor fellows.

M. Vasilevskogo St., 46-and, 17
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