The Israeli brides - бегемотихи, arrived yesterday in the Nikolaev zoo, can't reconcile among themselves

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Last night to the Nikolaev zoo there arrived two brides - бегемотихи from Israel. In a zoo the whole day expected them arrival and started worrying when there was information that don't pass animals in the Odessa seaport.

Yury Kirichenko, the deputy director of the Nikolaev zoo, noted:

- Yesterday the press made noise from - that allegedly there were problems with unloading of animals. Actually anything serious didn't occur. It is usual working process. Frontier veterinary control, security service, customs, all port procedures … Well, of course, everything was a little tightened. But no problems existed. Simply it is a serious question - import of animals to the state territory. And it couldn't occur very quickly.

Бегемотихи feel not bad. To Lucy's senior female about 5 years, younger Ricky - absolutely still "child". She is about two years old. Yury Kirichenko explained that according to documents had to deliver to Nikolaev animals at the age of 2 and 3 years, but "brought whom caught". Now the Nikolaev zoo expects specification concerning age of animals.

On the way animals were since November 4. Oleg Yavkin, the head of department of veterinary medicine of the Nikolaev zoo who accompanied animals in them to "a sea Odyssey" from the Israel, told that during moving they behaved quietly. Over them several times a day poured water and often gave to drink.

- Certainly, such moving, full change of climate and accommodation conditions, naturally, is a big stress for animals. Before lived in Israeli in the zoological center "Ramat Gunn", in the lake. Together with them there were about 30 more of their colleagues. These females caught in two days prior to departure. Them lulled and placed in special containers. That is, it is necessary to take that animals lived at liberty in attention, and then suddenly woke up in a cage. The period of adaptation can take a long time, - Oleg Yavkin notes.

When the begemotikh let out to the winter open-air cage, they at once went to the pool. But in 5 minutes the senior Lucy expelled Ricky from water. Younger at first I did attempts to return to water, but her girlfriend was negative to it very much.Therefore young "bride" carried out all night long on land, having hidden in a corner. Lucy spends all the time in water, practically without being shown on a surface.

- They are lost, a little frightened, but are very aggressive and don't get on among themselves, - Vera Zhuravleva managing department of hoofed animals told. - And now there is a task to reduce them together. All corresponding conditions that animals felt well are created.

The Nikolaev groom Kazimir who 31 years live in a zoo, with arrival of brides considerably quickened. But now females are in the certain pool. On a visit to Kazimir aren't torn yet though partitions in the open-air cage are open. It obviously takes liking for senior "girl".

We remind that females of a hippopotamus are transferred to Ukraine from Israel free of charge, according to the animal husbandry program. Now animals are on 3 - monthly quarantine. One of "brides" has to go to Kharkov, to two males - hippopotamuses. What of females remains in Nikolaev while it isn't known.

- Anyway, while cold, anybody anywhere won't carry a hippopotamus, - Yury Kirichenko


Also the deputy director of a zoo noted that the zoo continues to work during quarantine. Therefore everyone can look at the animals, for the present both "girls" in Nikolaev.


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