The administration of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" asks NMTP and "Nibulon" to stop polemic in mass media concerning the vessel "Preventer"

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Considering broad polemic in mass media concerning circumstances of calling of the vessel "Preventer" to JSC JV Nibulon mooring administration of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" considers necessary to declare the following:

1. "The conclusion about performance of experimental modeling and working off on the GP "The Delta — the Pilot" training complex of training exercise on pilot maneuvering, mooring and a vessel otshvartovka length 227,0м and width 32,0м to/from berthing facilities of JSC JV Nibulon was provided to JSC JV Nibulon 15.10.2009г. upon performance of the corresponding modeling within the contract on consulting services.

Training (computer) modeling (assumes virtual working off of operation) was carried out by the state sea pilots of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" on the basis of the Branch training center in volume of JSC JV Nibulon specification, had the general character and didn't concern a concrete situation and the vessel "Preventer", in particular.

By results of training (computer) modeling theoretical possibility of implementation of mooring and a vessel otshvartovka with establishment of a number of the restrictions concerning, first of all, - meteoconditions, quantity and the power of tows, and also other restrictions and the circumstances influencing possibility of performance of safe pilot work is stated. In "Conclusion" it is also noted that possibility of calling of the specified vessels, according to point 3.1.2 of Rules of swimming and pilot pilotage in North - the western part of the Black Sea, on BDLK and HMK (The Mintranssvyaz order of 01.08.07 No. 655), is defined only by the captain of the relevant port in each case separately. Besides, by "Conclusion" it is defined: "training modeling and working off of the specified pilot operations are executed without norms and conditions on design and construction of channels, water areas and berthing facilities".

It is necessary to emphasize also that when modeling on the exercise machine a number of the actual circumstances significantly influencing probability of performance of safe conducting, in particular, the actual width of I-го of a bend of the channel of the water area of the Nikolaev MTP which makes now 48м (when modeling wasn't considered official characteristics according to which width of I-го a knee is equal 80м) were applied.

2. According to the Code of trade navigation of Ukraine (Art. 89), the order of the captain of port concerning safety of navigation are obligatory for all vessels, the legal entities and individuals who are in the territory and in the water area of port.

Decisions of the captain of the Nikolaev MTP on a ban on vessel calling to the specified mooring and on providing pilot services during being planned transition of a vessel to JSC JV Nibulon, accepted 02.10.2009г. and 16.10.2009г. GP "The Delta — the Pilot" obligatory for execution are recognized.

3. Conclusions, conditions and the restrictions stated in above "Conclusion" of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" from 15.10.2009г. don't contradict an official position as captain of the Nikolaev MTP, and Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine, containing in official documents.

4. The extensive discussion of a question of concrete private vessel call can negatively be reflected in image and appeal of ports and region terminals. In this regard, the administration of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" considers necessary to urge to stop any polemic on the matter in mass media and to transfer matter settlement to the plane of official and professional negotiations.


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