Gongadze's mother will examine a skull and will carry out expertize after change of the power

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Lesya Gongadze agreed and goes to Kiev on survey of a skull which, according to the State Office of Public Prosecutor, can belong to her son Georgy Gongaze.

Mother of the journalist expects to receive find fragments for private examination, "The German wave" reports.

Lesya Gongadze told that will soon visit the State Office of Public Prosecutor where in presence of the lawyer Andrey Fedur and members of the commission will examine the skull found where Alexey Pukach specified.

"I have a condition, I will arrive to look, but thus I have to take a fragment for the private examination of DNA which results I won't disclose", - speaks mother of the journalist.

It plans to carry out expertize after presidential election in one of private foreign laboratories, it will cost 800 euros.

Material for research: little Giya's tooth and fragments of the found skull, - mother is going to transport.

At the same time, it doesn't exclude that the State Office of Public Prosecutor can refuse granting fragments because as Lesya Gongadze notes, there are no legal grounds.

She also told that the investigator in the matter of her son phoned about found in "a tarashchansky skull" a metal splinter.

Mother of the journalist assured that any splinter in the head of her son never was. There were such wounds in the right hand and a knee, but not in the head.

According to Lesya Gongadze if the found skull with a splinter corresponds to data of "a tarashchansky body" what the prosecutor's office declares, it proves that other skeleton which is at the disposal of investigators, don't belong to Georgy Gongadze.


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