In Nikolaev tournament on Fischer's chess will take place, the winner will win a prize - one thousand hryvnias

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From November 28 to November 29 in Nikolaev will take place 1-й an open Cup of "Wild Park" on "chess 960" (to Fischer's chess). Fischer's chess play on a usual 64-cellular chessboard, a standard set of the figures going by usual rules of classical chess, except for the rule of castling. About it reports the Nikolaev chess club.

Organizers of this tournament which will take place from November 28 to November 29, the Nikolaev regional chess club and the Internet - Wild Garden provider acted. Tournament is held in 9 rounds on the Swiss system (computer lot). Time control - 20 minutes on all party plus 10 seconds on a course to each participant. It should be added that everyone who has paid a tournament contribution (40 UAH - a bus) can take part. The winner of tournament will win the guaranteed prize - 1000 hryvnias. (monetary prizes award the first 10 participants).

Initial arrangement of figures gets out separately for each party. It can be done by means of the computer program "Fischerandom Chess Computerized Shuffler". The program in a random way chooses an initial position, meeting the following conditions:

a) Pawns are on the same positions, as in usual chess (on the second and seventh horizontals), figures take place behind a number of the pawns;

b) One castle has to be to the left of the king, another - on the right (thus, the king can't be in an initial position on verticals of an and h).

c) Elephants have to be on fields of different color.

d) Initial positions white and black are symmetric to rather horizontal line passing on the middle of a board (that is black figures have to stand on the same verticals on which stand of the same name white).

In the conditions of the set restrictions probably 960 various initial positions (from here version of the name of the game "Chess 960"). One of them - just the same, as in classical chess.

In the absence of the computer program the initial position can be received and manually, for example, by means of dice or coins.

The only course which differs from classical chess - castling. In total 84 castlings (42 - for white and 42 - for black figures) are possible.


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