Dee - Jay from the island of Ibiza played for nikolayeets

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Nikolayevtsa could feel on Ibiza under incendiary tracks of Luca Fabiani on Drag Racing after-party in the night of July 6.

Drags - the racing is not simply spectacular races and not only the drive on the route, but also the excellent party loaded with power of a roar of motors, whistle carrying by by cars and the best musical tracks of invited di - Dzheev. Those who visited stage after-party II "Cup of the Southern region" on Drag Racing on July 5 in Kulbakino (or as on - fashionable organizers - Cool'бакино called a venue of races) could be convinced of it.

When the route of the kulbakinsky airport became empty, the "perimeter" dancing near the built scene was filled with fans of parties. Bright light of searchlights shined the kulbakinsky sky, and the open-air (dances in the open air) began. Literally words were "burned down" by children from fire-show "Ogoniya", and after festive fireworks the party headliner stepped on the stage - the resident of night club of "Amnesia" of the island of Ibiza the Italian di - JayLuca Fabiani.

The Nikolaev night clubs saw many stars of world dancings, but arrival of Luca Fabiani became the real event for our city.

To the Italian guest his debut in Nikolaev too will be remembered: he didn't manage to win back and the first track as the sound was gone... To general pleasure, in five minutes the dancing returned to rhythmical movements under driving tracks of Luca Fabiani.

On a visit the Italian di - Jay arrived not without gifts. During performance several times the CD-Rki of its "Love Session 028" signed by a hand of Luca flied to the dancing. On each disk - 10 tracks lasting 60 minutes.

The performance of Luca Fabiani was finished by about o'clock in the morning then for винилы there were Nikolaev di - Jay.

The way of di - Jay Luca Fabiani began with the Italian club "Mazoom" at the age of 15 years. At first I played experimental music, then I passed to a trance, the rave - parties acted on underground. In 1998 of Luca for the first time I got to Ibiza - and completely I passed to electronic music. Still some time it in parallel worked as the assistant producer of television shows in Italy and in combination the musical producer while in 2002, after the next trip to Ibiza, finally I didn't decide to devote the time and talent to club music. In 2005 and 2006 of Luca awarded with ranks "The best beginning di - Jay" in Space and Salvacion clubs. Today the most part of time of Luca carries out behind work to studios or on tours, as, for example, in Nikolaev.

Also start up Luca Fabiani doesn't speak on - Ukrainian, and we - on - Italian, but this evening spoke everything language of a body and the dances, clear to everyone.


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