The Nikolaev artist drew 70 - summer Gioconda

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Source: "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

The grown old Mona Lisa on - former mysteriously smiles.

At opening of an exhibition of the artist Alexey Markitan from Nikolaev, taken place in one of the Zaporozhye galleries, the majority of visitors were late near a picture under the name "Smile".

- Yes same Gioconda on pension! - fans of art whispered, pointing to a portrait of the elderly woman.

Since then as there was Leonardo da Vinci's glorified work, the set of versions of a solution of a mysterious smile of his Mona Lisa was put forward. Some claimed that it posed for the pregnant woman. Others insisted that the reason is covered in the wrong bite of the model. Claimed even that the master represented himself, having ironically laughed over the world …

The artist from Nikolaev Alexey Markitan who has written the aged Gioconda, claims that she appeared in his subconsciousness such spontaneously that simply the woman who lived long life and a lot of things saw it on the century. Alexey as - that did sketches of the person on a small sheet of paper and suddenly noticed in drawing something unusual. Only after a while he understood that he had elderly Mona Lisa. At that moment in imagination of the artist two images as though merged: the young blossoming woman and 70 - the summer old woman.

- Da Vinci's picture is a masterpiece, simply amazing, magic work. I very much wanted to write history continuation, and I saw it such, - Alexey Markitan explained to correspondents of "KP". - Time gave to my Gioconda other lines: though she watches everything with same with interest, but is already a little indulgent. Remembers the best moments of the life when Leonardo painted its portrait, doing immortal. In these eyes and a smile understanding of that gold time passed.

Associations with the well-known Mona Lisa навеивает and position of hands of the heroine of a canvas of Alexey Markitan. Only it is characteristic the put brushes at 70 - summer Gioconda remained young - as a symbol of immortal female beauty.


Oksana MOSKVINA, member of the Zporozhsky organization of the Union of artists of Ukraine:

- Work in itself good, interesting if, of course, not to compare to the original. The masterpiece is a masterpiece, both any variations and rehashes - business ungrateful.Mona Lisa whom Leonardo da Vinci wrote, is a portrait of eternal and immortal youth, ageless beauty. And Gioconda's image in old age is blasphemous. And to repeat a mysterious smile of hardly anyone - that and once it will be possible.

Personally with Mona Lisa Alexey's picture didn't cause any associations in me. With sad eyes there is a lot of women, and Gioconda is unique.


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