The help for forgetful

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Post council if you forgot the password to the mailbox, use system of recovery of the password via the mobile phone or alternative имейл.

In a pursuit of high safety of the mailbox we often think out sophisticated passwords and as often we forget them. E-mail FREEMAIL knows how to help with such situation.

DevelopersFREEMAILon UKR.NET long ago refused application of a confidential question which is requested still by some other mail services at recovery of the password. The inefficiency and insecurity of this method is already proved in practice. After all answers to primitive questions it seems "How many years to my dog? " it is easy to guess - and it is a direct way to breaking of your box. If you think up very original answer, not only malefactors, but also you won't be able to get access to the mail as chances to forget a combination of symbols repeatedly increase.

The confidential question was succeeded long ago by the scheme of recovery of the password by means of alternative имейла or via the mobile phone. In this case the code necessary for change of the password, is sent directly on your phone or other electronic box. Such approach is safe and reliable: the alternative mailbox is known only to you, the mobile phone always near at hand, so, the code will fall personally into hands. To use such function, it is necessary to enter alternative e-mail or number of the phone in shape at registration of a box for FREEMAIL or to add them in settings of your mail. All process of recovery of the password takes no more than two minutes, and procedure is so simple that doesn't demand any special skills.

At emergence of any difficulties always it is possible to communicate with round-the-clock support service FREEMAIL, including by phone.


National the Internet - to UKR.NET portal ( ) 6 years.For today it is the most popular and recognizable portal in Ukraine - it is known by every second Ukrainian user of the Network (according to the research InMind).In e-mailFREEMAIL from "UKRNET"more than 7 million boxes are registered. DailyFREEMAILdelivers 2,6 million and sends about half a million letters.


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