"Kinburn should give an impulse for self-restoration" - opinion of the scientist

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On August 7 by the invitation of the Nikolaev representatives of Green Party our area was visited by the chief researcher of NNTs "Institute of Agriculture of UAAN", the doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, the corresponding member of UEAN, the academician of MAFOB Eduard Degodyuk.

The main goal of visit of the distinguished guest - to study an ecological situation on the Kinburnsky spit and to offer methods of preservation of Kinburn from urbanization approach. The scientist coped with this task and after that met the mayor Vladimir Chaika.

- Uniqueness of this natural object is undoubted, the Kinburnsky braid should be preserved. As soon as big business, to this unique corner of the nature to which isn't present equal in Europe here will come, danger will threaten. Therefore the best option for Kinburn - to give it the status of National park. In principle, the decision such is, but motions aren't present any. And as soon as the braid will receive the status of National park, its urbanization can be delayed for many years. But I already feel breath of those forces which don't want in a nape that there was a National park, - E.Degodyuk considers.

The scientist, having visited the Kinburnsky spit, I saw a lot of things that we see also, but he can offer to it a scientific explanation.

For example, why from the plane at a view of Kinburn it seems, what it is cut up by roads?

"It aren't expensive are traces of that transport which passed 10, 15, 20 years ago, and after it on this place grows nothing. Because for Kinburn the effect of the tundra, after all here is characteristic, as well as in the tundra there is primary process of a gruntoobrazovaniye, and this process proceeds till today. That is why we should save the Kinburnsky braid from intensive anthropogenous influence. And it can quite be made", - E.Degodyuk speaks.

The scientist and reddishness of pines explains. In his opinion, pines harm to Kinburn, break ecological equilibrium - they destroyed not dried up lakes which were the house for many representatives of kinburnsky fauna. And the pine from life on Kinburna pleasure small:red color of needles is not a pine illness, it is the toxicosis caused by an oxide of iron which it is a lot of in ground waters and which kills this pine, the scientist considers.

Eduard Degodyuk sees an exit not in cutting out of the pine wood (where it is good to pine grow, let grows), and in landings instead of the turned reddish wood of those trees which once grew on Kinburna, - it will be good here to an oak, a black alder, a birch dneprovsky (relatively the last the scientist says that on Kinburna the birch dneprovsky, and a dwarfish birch of ice age grows at all).

"The main thing - to put here the, instead of to introduce the others. And I already saw where it is possible to plant an oak, where - a birch and where - I will take a nap and where they will grow. We shouldn't remake the nature, we have to fit into it. And to give to the nature a self-restoration impulse", - Eduard Grigoryevich is sure.


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