Nikolaev celebrates three chess anniversaries

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In Nikolaevsk regional museum of local lore there began work an exhibition under the name "In the Kingdom It Is Black — White". It is dated for three round dates of chess life of our city: 155- to the anniversary of creation of the Nikolaev's first chess circle by Karl Knorre, 115 - to the anniversary of opening of the first Chess society and 60-й to anniversary of creative activity of the international chess grand master on Alexander Volchk's correspondence.

The exhibition traces development of chess game since the basis of Nikolaev till today.

To expositions are presented both original materials from funds of museum of local lore, and the copies provided by veterans of club, authors of the book "Chess Nikolaev" E. Razinkin and K. Ryzhanov, photos, awards and books from personal archives of the glorified fellow countrymen A. Volchka, the international arbitrator V. Pisaruk, the director of club M. Rustle and others. It is about one hundred photos, more than 30 documents and 50 subjects.

Post cards with views of old Nikolaev show places of the first chess fights: Yachts - club, Summer and Winter Sea meetings, astronomical observatory, the House of the Chief commander of the Black Sea fleet.

At an exhibition it is possible to see and portraits of "fathers" of the Nikolaev chess - the founder of the city of the prince G. Potemkin, the generalissimo A. Suvorov, the first director of observatory and the founder of the first chess circle Karl Knorre and others.

Also photos of champions of the city and area of different years, posters, badges, pennants of masters, books of the known chess composer S. Kirilichenko, the sports journalist B. Arov, the writer V. Zhadko, the champion of Nikolaev 60-x years of the last century of E. Kanibolotskaya and the author more than ten textbooks A. Volchka are presented to expositions.

Unique exhibits are badges and the medals of the international chess federation transferred to the museum by the academician Sankt - the Petersburg academy of chess and A. Volchkom's checkers, and also samples of chess little tables and chessmen of the end of the 19th eyelid.

The last section of an exhibition is devoted to opening of regional chess club which took place in 1992.


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