Rejuvenation of structure of the Russian drama theater of Nikolaev

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In creative structure of the Nikolaev Art Russian drama theater replenishment. Five young actors, graduates of special educational institutions joined troupe of the oldest theatrical collective.

Four of them came to theater from a student's bench Odessa theatrically - art school which for quite some time now after a long-term break resumed preparation of actor's shots for country theaters. To Nikolaev arrived two girls and as much children.

The head tells about actors literaturno - dramaturgic department of NHRDT Mikhail Fesenko.

Alyona Lavrinenko was born in Odessa, but the most part of the life was carried out in Mumansk, by Russia. There I studied at school with an esthetic bias, I visited school drama school, and also Children's school of arts. Having returned to native Odessa, I entered the National university of I.Mechnikov, on office of journalism of philological faculty. However through any time I understood that there is in life something closer to it, and sharply replaced a vector of own future. In 2005 I came in Odessa theatrically - art school where comprehended elements of actor's craft on a course of the honored worker of arts of Ukraine Evgeny Gimmelfarba. Alyona had good training, during study worked over such roles, as Shakespearean Juliette and Catharina, Larisa Ogudalova from A. Ostrovsky's "Girl without dowry", Elisa Dulitl ("Pygmalion" B. Shaw), Maria Petrovna (N. Gogol's "Auditor"), Maria Stewart ("Your sister and the captive" L.Razumovska), Katya (M. Roshchina's "Echelon"). The fallen most in love from them - Rolling and Larisa Ogudalova. And in the degree performance "Three Sisters" of A. Chekhov played also Irina, and I Wave. Having finished study by summer of this year, I received the invitation in the Nikolaev Art theater and dreams of the same interesting and significant roles on a professional scene. Now rehearses in new performance of theater according to the play of the modern young writer S. Reshetnikov "PS. Shoot.

Andrey Karay was born in Pavlovke Odessa region. And it "life in art" while only begins. After high school - the same Odessa school of arts, educational classes and a scene, final performances.I "tried" myself, on its own expression, in the following roles: Paratov (A. Ostrovsky's "Girl without dowry"), Kochkaryov (N. Gogol's "Marriage"), Zhenka ("A lodge on the suburb" A.Arbuzova), Bodrikur ("Lark" Ж.Ануя), Mendoza ("Duenya" R. Sheridan). In degree "Three sisters" I played both Andrey Prozorov, and Vershinin. Since summer of 2008, after the school termination as received the invitation in Art theater.

And one more of "four" of inhabitants of Odessa (though, unlike the others, itself a sort from the Voronezh region) - Alexey Mezhevikin. Too the graduate Odesskogo theatrically - art school of this year and too the "newly-baked" actor of the Nikolaev Russian theater. During study on its account there were very serious works, including Treplev in Chekhovian "Seagull", and also Karandyshev and Tikhon in A. Ostrovsky's plays "Bespridanits" and "Thunder-storm". Theses - Kulygin in "Three sisters" and (according to the scenic speech) S. Yesenin's poem "Anna Snegina".

And here Elena Lyashenko decided on a choice of a course of life practically at once. It too indigenous inhabitant of Odessa. The theater loves since the childhood though as not without purely Odessa humour Lena speaks, - "Simply I live nearby" … Because except comprehensive school I studied since ten years at Children's drama school of arts, and during study there I took 1-е places at city competitions of readers twice. It is quite natural that such bents brought the girl after school into the Odessa theatrical school and too, as well as it almost the namesake, on course Е.Гиммельфарба. At school of arts and school it happened to work over very versatile images, among which: Beatrice ("Much ado about nothing" Shakespeare), Milisenta ("on June 31" J. Priestley), Duenya from the play of R. Sheridan of the same name, Arkadin from Chekhovian "Seagull", Kabanikh from A. Ostrovsky's "Thunder-storm", Elizabeth ("Your sister and the captive" L.Razumovskoy), Gelena ("The Warsaw melody" L. Zorina). In the degree performance "Three Sisters" I played Natasha. Today - the actress of Art theater, together with companions on school and other actors rehearses performance "PS. Shoot.

Marina Bondarchuk too arrived to Nikolaev from "the neighboring province", only not from Odessa, and from Kherson. And its way on a scene began with the childhood, still in 3 - m a class solved - "I want to be the actress! " I graduated from the Academic lyceum at the Kherson State university then arrived at once on 2-й a course of the same university on culture and art faculty. Within six years I was the participant of folk educational theater "Studi — Arth".I played, in particular, such roles, as Giuly ("Mister de Poursoniac" of Molière), Marichka ("Night on the polonena" A. Olesya), Milena ("Diogenes" V. Konstantinov, B. Ratser), the Beauty (L.Korsunsky's "Cell"). The Nikolaev audience could see three latest works during participation of Studi — Arth theater in the Southern Masks and HOMO LUDENS festivals. And so it happened what exactly in Nikolaev the young actress begins the professional scenic career. It was already entered into two performances of operating repertoire of Art theater, played Alyonushka ("The sister Alyonushka and the brother Ivanushka") and Lisa Volkova ("Competition").


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