St. Nicholas Chapel will be built to territories of the Nikolaev city shelter

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Today, on September 5, the Nikolaev city shelter for people of old age and disabled people celebrated 6 years from the date of the opening.

- In our house at present there live 35 people age of 52 years. In 4 months 98 years of one of wards are executed, - Vladimir Vlasov, the director of a shelter reports. - All are amicable, grandmothers like to grow up flowers, to embroider. The working personnel of a shelter makes 26 people.

Consecration by the father Nikolay and the father Anatoly of a place for St. Nicholas Chapel construction in the shelter territory was one of important events. It is planned that the chapel will be under construction in a month and will be built next year. Small funds are allocated for construction. Help is given by many inhabitants of Nikolaev.

- The chapel is very important and simply necessary for a shelter, - Vladimir Vlasov notes. - Residents of a shelter will remain alone good luck, to feel the help, support.

The Nikolaev sculptor Ivan Bulavitsky also brought the contribution in a holiday - he is the author of shelter of a monument recently built to territories to Saint Nikolay who also was consecrated today.


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